Can I use a STC 105C Telephone Line Manager on my OmniPro 2


Wanting to back up my copper with a second line on my OmniPro2.
This device appears to just switch to line #2 instead of seizing line #1 measuring voltage. 
Looks like I can set the time of it switching such that the panel will still get an phone line error if there is no dialtone.
The STC Model 105

Telephone Line Manager is a powered ancillary device for monitoring telephone line voltage.  The device is completely isolated electrically from the monitored line by optical coupling.  It repetitively interrogates the telephone voltage to determine if the voltage exceeds the preset minimum threshold.  When the voltage falls below this minimum for more than the selected delay interval, the D.P.D.T. relay switches, the alarm output contacts change state, and the alarm LED lights.  When any “in house” device (such as a fax, alarm panel, or computer modem) is using the telephone line, the STC 105 current monitoring  circuit  decreases  the  threshold  for  an  alarm condition  to  virtually  eliminate  false  alarms  created  by normal telephone equipment operation.  An alarm condition will auto-restore 5 seconds after the line voltage returns to normal.  The relay output can be used to directly select a second line or backup communications link, operate audible devices, trip zones on the alarm panel, or enable  an  “audible  on  line  fault”.    The  alarm  output  is  an opto-coupled  N.O.  or  N.C.  dry  contact  (selectable)  designed to directly interface with the alarm panel zones.  The 12 V.D.C. power needed to operate the Line Manager is derived from the auxiliary power output normally available from the control.  The compression terminals are convenient to use and the double-sided foam tape mounting makes installation quick and easy.  An earth ground terminal is supplied to support the lightning and spike protection circuits.
Curiosity Del.
Is this device (STC model 105)  UL approved as I do not see anything on the web site other than its use for commercial alarm stuff.
Can't find a listing on them....and it should be clearly listed on the docs if the unit is. The more curious thing is they don't list the REN, which is normally needed by the FCC.
Looks like it's basically monitoring the talk battery voltage and hoping for the best. No real intelligence built into the board (basically they word everything but say voltage controlled relay with time delay).
Thank you Del.
Yeah the manual / docs do not indicate UL approval although it's use appears for commercial and home security panels.
pete_c said:
Thank you Del.
Yeah the manual / docs do not indicate UL approval although it's use appears for commercial and home security panels.
I see it as the opposite.
Basically a third party line cut monitor with a pair of relays. They wrote the feature set to be "automatically cut over to secondary phone line" which would be the same if someone added a DPDT relay to a normal line cut monitor.......only nice item is the time delay feature.
Used to use Silent Knight 7150's and Ademco 659's back in the day.
Does that mean that it is ok to use in my OP2 panel? 
Sort of overkill here as I still want to use the RJ31X seizing for the primary line here and then add the STC 105 for the failover line.
Been a while since I monkeyed with an OP, but have you considered a line of code with a relay to swap the line upon low volt or failure?
That would work too. 
I am looking here to keep primary copper and failover to cellular if need be seizing whatever line.
Am I over complicating this?
Depends on how you want to determine if the primary is a viable line.....I'd probably look at the OP as the trigger and just put a DPDT relay. If you don't have restrictions on the secondary path, who really cares if there's a'd probably want to know which is which for troubleshooting purposes.