Can I use this power supply with the Elk PD9?

Those are pretty big, if size wasn't an issue, I would have gone with a computer power supply. Unfortunately I Don't have much space, and was hoping to replace the current wall wart (about 1A@12VDC). The only thing I am not sure about is that mentions it is a switching power supply. Would there be a reason not to go with this power supply?
I believe a switching power supply would work because the Elk supplies themselves are switching (vs. linear) as shown here.


• Switching Power Supply, no transformer needed.
• Auto Reset “fuseless†Overload Protection (PTC).
• Three (3) Individual PTC Protected Power Outputs.
• Master Power On/Off Switch.
• Built-in Low Battery Cutoff Circuit.
• Visual Power Indicators.
• AC and DC Surge Suppression.
• Includes Six foot AC Power Cord.
• Lifetime Limited Warranty.

I would be nice if All Electronics would list the ripple/noise in their specifications though.