Can someone help with a ELK-SWB28 measurement?


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Hi All,
Used a good number of the SWB28 housings but never had cause to measure accurately until this project the internal depth of the housing. 
Not using the housing this time with a M1. Look to mount a 12 pole sub board up top fit some ELV segregation and mount a couple of LED power suplies and so POE adaptors to tidy the job up.
I don't have a spare SWB28 housing here at the moment and need to check I have enough internal clearance to mount the sub board. Would someone who has a SWB28 laying around kindly measure if possible what the internal depth of the housing is? That is when the door is locked what internal height is available to mount to the surface of the back main cabinet to the inside of the front door.
If I had one here I would have used my calipers and poked the depth gauge through the back and then deducted the powder-coated finish of any of the folded sections to arrive at the approx but quite accurate measurement. If any one could oblige I would be very grateful.
If possible could I get the measurement in millimetres......thanks.
Compliments of the Season and Happy New Year to all.
Please stay safe.