Can y'all give me a quick check?


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I cannot access my PC from work - neither by web nor RDP. I tried using both my URL and my IP (it's dynamic, but I used the latest one said was good)

I know my system is still up and connected to the internet becuase I sent an email triggerevent to my HomeSeer server (the triggered event has HSP call my cell phone) and it worked.

Can a few of y'all try and access my site to see if the problem is with my server, or just my office blocking my domain, IP, or ports.

Possible problems:
- work is blocking my IP, URL or the ports I use.
- the no-ip dynamic DNS update client is not working right ( said last update was received at 8 am on the 4th - hints at possible problem).
- somehow the firewall settings on my PC changed (I doubt this, becuase I can't access my router either).

Link is is my signature.

No problems here, sounds like you they might be blocking access to that ip after seeing it in the log files.
both links worked for me from work, but I didn't read the fine print and I used guest access first out of habit.

I cannot get anything at, so I assume you don't have anything running on port 80

I could not ping anything, but resolves to
Thanks guys.

I tried pinging from here as well and timed-out. It's definitely the "so-and-sos" (Buggs Bunny quote)

And yes, I have nothing on port 80
Woo hoo! It's back!

This morning I had a message in my inbox from the IT folks saying that there were problems with connectivity last week due to some equipment upgrades and that some sites may have been unavailable. I guess mine was one of them becuase this morning I was able to access it again ;)