Cannot Connect to M1G


I can no longer get ElkRP to connect to my M1 (thourhg the ethernet port) -- this was working fine until last night. I upgraded ElkRP to 1.6.16 yesterday and later was changing rules. All seemed to work okay.

But now, when I try to connect, it connects, but fails on the verify. When I go into the M1XEP setup and do a Find, it finds it great, but when I press Use Selected, nothing happens (except the dialog closes). I don't have the option to SEND.

I tried logging in directly through Mozilla, and it accepts my user/ password, but the Java applet just waits and nothing.

I tried restarting the M1 and my computer, but nothing changed. The rules are working (lights turn on, etc.), but I cannot connect.

Help please!
did you upgrade the firmware on the panel before upgrading the ElkRP?

pull the ethernet connection and try to connect directly through the serial, let us know if that works. if it does work, try re-loading the firmware.
no, I didn't update the panel firmware first. I meant to do that afterwards, but forgot. I'll try to connect directly, but I do connect -- it says "Verifying System Identity" (which fails), and then says "System Returned Invalid Info"
And, I just now did get the Mozilla browser app to respond. But, when I enter my user code, I get a message saying "Your control is busy or unavailable. Retry?" -- and that is just after turning the control on.
as a general rule, upgrade the firmware first, then ElkRP, you may have to re-install your old version of RP to connect.
Okay, I tried ElkRP 1.6.12 (on a separate computer), same results. I tried the direct serial connection, and got errors detecting the serial port settings. I got frustrated, and went and updated some UPB settings directly through UPStart. I went back and tried the direct connect on COM1, and it worked! So, I updated all the firmware (control, keypad, serial port expander).

But now, when I reconnect things, it does not find the M1XEP any more!
So, I closed out ElkRP, and started it again, and almost everything seems to be working. What I don't understand is why, when I find the M1XEP, and click Use Selected, nothing happens (no option to Send or Receive) on that dialog.