Can't get TZ16 assigned to a channel


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Looking for anyone using a TZ16 with a HA07 Master Controller.

I can get the TZ16 to join the network successfully but I can't get it assigned to a channel. I hit the On and Off buttons simultaniously until Learn comes up then press and hold the Include button then hit the program button on the Z-Wave bridge. I've tried holding down the button on the bridge for up to 5 seconds, I've tried hitting it and letting it go, I've tried at various distances, but I always get the "Not Successful" message.

I also tried removing the TZ16 from the network and re-adding it but no dice.

The TZ16 manual is really sparse on setting up the bridge, but it doesn't say anything that would indicate it's not assignable.

Any ideas?
Hi Micah,

While you should be able to add a TZ16 to a "scene," Z-Wave thermostats don't have any sort of basic scene/channel functionality--so you wouldn't be able to change their state with one of the channels.

You can include it in your network, however, and use a more intelligent remote to control the thermostat.