Can't send gmail from M1 XEP?


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Hi Guys,
Spinning my wheels on this one.
I have an up to date 2.0.42 firmware XEP which will not send emails. I have setup google to permit "less secure apps". Setup a dedicated gmail account specifically just to send the emails from the XEP to alleviate and security concerns and verified the gmail account works find sending and receiving. 
The following is an edited log from the XEP debug, edits only mask my email address and or password. The main issue I see is the fact that the smtp address is reporting IP address. I can not understand why the I believe to be correct out going mail server of is coming back
Send Email 1
SendEmail_Init GlobalSMTPType: 1, bDNSGood: True, GlobalSMTPAddr:
SendEmail_Init smtp_addr:
SendEmail_Init smtp_port: 00465
SendEmail_Init Subject: Alert from M1 - M1 XEP
SendEmail_Init To: [email protected]
SendEmail_Init Body: Test Message from M1
SendEmail_Init No Username/password
SendEmail_Init From: [email protected]
SendEmail_Init Domain:
SendEmail_Init LastConnectSSL=False
SendEmail_Init LastConnectSTARTTLSFailed=False
SendEmail_Init LastConnectAuth=00
ConnectToMailServer Sock=0000001E
ConnectToMailServer: Could not connect
Send Email Done
It makes to difference if I put the gmail account name and password into the XEP. It makes no difference if i use port 587 address.
Any thought or suggestions? 
You folks using gmail to send emails from the XEP?


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If you post a screen capture of your xep setup screen I can check it against my working setup if you think that'll help.


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Looks like a DNS problem.  Check the settings on the TCP/IP tab.  Google's DNS server is and


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Cheers for the feedback and offer, appreciated.

Found it was default gateway input error. Router gateway ended in 150 I had 105.......dyslexic fingers! Must have looked at that IP 50 times and convinced it was correct and went looking for the obscure....