Car RFID Security System Cracked

Any chance you can copy the article here E? I don't wanna have to sign up for NYT just to read a story.
WayneW, that's a neat "service".

Kinda like a big ole door lock on a house with nice glass windows on both sides.

The professional thief that goes to these levels are exceptional. Like "Gone in 60 minutes" movie.
The RFID systems in place keep out the other 99.99% of potential thieves.
Oh I agree, it still will stop most people. I just posted this to upset Squintz :) j/k As for those credentials, I never logged in to NYTimes to get the article, odd.
What is this "Better Thighs in 60 seconds"? :)
Yeah, I think you are right, it was 60 seconds....
Not enough time to break the encryption. :)
Huggy: Well since this theft method requires cryptographic breakin it takes 60 minutes instead of 60 seconds :)
And you would need physical access to the key too, or you still aren't going to be able to drive that car away. This isn't too big of a deal for now.
Doesn't the article say "hot wire" the car? No key required if you break the security feature.
You still would have to bypass my alarm system, and I only drive a Taurus :) I am pretty sure that most cars which are 'worthy' of being stolen will have an active alarm system as well. Also, in most cases, you can't even shift the car out of Park without a key anyways.
Cars are stolen all the time. I think people have figured out how to get around a lot of these things.
I think that the mechanical steering/shifter unlock is a separate issue from hotwiring and any electronic security embedded in the key. And I think that there are many ways to beat the mechanical issues (especially if you are not worried about damage).