Casablanca ceiling fan mods


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So, I've a new Casablanca fan coming in to replace my existing ceiling fan in the dining room. Currently I control the lights and fan with two US1130 UPB switches without issues. However, the Casablanca has a special two-wire control and is controlled through some sort of proprietary modified X10 protocol I've read. My plan is to bypass this and simply control the fan using the existing switching.

Has anybody here tried this mod?
Well alrighty then.... nothing like being on the bleeding edge of Home Automation. I'll update this thread with pics as I work my way through the mods. At very least I'm planning on de-coupling the light from the fan for lighting HA control then replace one of the UPB switches with the fan switch. Hopefully the Casablanca fan motor takes well to Triac dimming but I suspect it has separate windings for the various speeds it supports.

At any rate, I'll know in a week or so...
I've got several Casblanca fans in the house (some 10-15 yrs). I'd never had the guts to mess with them because they were so expensive. I'd definitely be interested in what you come up with. Good luck!
Ok so I've finished installing my fan. These fans have a central wiring tube that goes right through from the top to the light fixture on the bottom. So, it was a simple matter to run another hot down to the light and cap off the one coming from the circuit board there. My fan now has a neutral & two hots coming out the top. One hot goes to the casablanca controller and the other (now connected to the light) goes to my UPB light switch.

From an automation standpoint, I now have control of the light but not the fan. This is pretty much what I was looking for as my immediate need was to integrate the device into my all-lights-out and on-vacation lighting macros.