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I am building a new house and all of my windows are Anderson casement windows. I was wondering if you think I should put switches on each window. I am putting in glass break sensors. No motion detectors due to large dogs. I think that if you try to pry these windows open they will break which will set off the glass breaks. What do you guys think????


My house has Anderson casement windows - and I put sensors on all of them (and glass break sensors).

- tells me when a window is open so I don't forget to close before leaving house, etc.
- useful for automation (HVAC setpoint changes when window is open, etc)
- maybe a thief could pry them open without breaking window. Better safe than sorry (in my opinion).

I wired several connecting windows together in series into 1 zone.
I'd wire sensors in - in addition to the glass sensors. I have heard that there are ways to circumvent glass sensors.
I wouldn't risk not putting sensors on them. They can be "jiggled" open in many cases and a glass break sensor won't detect that.
No motion detectors due to large dogs.

Sounds like pretty good security there!
I agree, but only so far.

Our local Sheriff, after our burglary, and after the crooks were apprehended (sp?), that at one other house they had done, the dogs were observed following them in and out of the house happily accompanying them as they loaded up their truck with loot.

wbonnell said:
No motion detectors due to large dogs.
I would still wire for them . . . while I love my dogs, I realize they aren't going to be around forever . . . and there is re-sale to think of as well . . .

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One concern I've recently had about my wiring for my casement windows... (slightly off-topic, but still relevant)

My security sensors are exposed on the windows. Since the system is based on simple magnets - couldn't a thief cut a small hole in the window - put a magnet on the fixed sensor - and then open the window (since the alarm would think everything is fine)?

I don't really see any way around having exposed sensors (I can't use sensors that embed in the window since they are sealed aluminum)... but wondering if there isn't something else I could have done different.

(edit - I've attached a picture of the sensors behind the screen to give you an example of what I'm talking about)
I use metal doors and windows. I am able to install wide gap switches hidden in the nooks and crannies of the doors and windows. The only hole I drill through the frame is to route the wire, the switch and magnet are RTV siliconed in. Look at Sentrol 1055w switches.