Cat Genie Automated Litter Box


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For anyone looking for an automated cat litter box that really works you should check out the Cat Genie. It is about $300 from Smarthome and elsewhere.

This is the FIRST automated self cleaning litter box that I have seen that really works. It can be set to clean between 1 and 4 times a day. It really CLEANS itself by washing the special litter and the box. It hooks up to a cold water feed and a drain pipe (or your toilet). I used a drainpipe.

It takes about 30 mins to clean itself and it is very very clean.


Its automated (timed automation)
No more lugging litter home and out to the garbage
No more stinky litter box to clean
Four year waranty
and did I say its automated??


Its a little expensive up front (it will be 2 years or so to break even)
The litter tracks easily
The litter has no odor so if your cat(s) go #2 it may smell a little until it cleans itself based on a scheduled time. The cleaning fluid has a fairly pleasant smell though.
No cover

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it about a 9.5. Nothing else like it I could find. WAF VERY HIGH!!!

Anyone know of an automated dog poop scooper????
You don't happen to have any video of this thing in action, do you?

If you go to SH they have a link to a video. Honestly it really works. The cartridges are good for 60 cleanings but I just changed my first one after about 80 cleanings.

The waste gets flushed down the drain.

My only real complaint is the tracking of the litter. Otherwise its AWESOME for a litter box :p
I've actually got that beat...I placed the litter box on a short fulcrum so that an NC contact was "not ready" when the cat stepped in turning on the "fart fan" in the mud room for ten minutes...worked so well that the cat got scared and now goes outside to do her business. No fuss. No muss.
Hmm hate to be a spolier but where is the Serial/RS485/TCPIP port :) If I cant wire it to Homeseer or my ELK.................