Cat5e from Home it good?


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I am in the process of ordering all of the cable for my new house construction. I went to Home Depot today to check out their prices versus smarthome/automatedoutlet. Most of the stuff was more expensive, except for the Cat5e.

So, what I need to know is...........what is this stuff?? No where on the box does it say what it is rated at (100mhz, 250mhz, 350mhz, etc...). So I am wondering what its actual performance is? Here is what the box says:

Category 5e
"Type CMR Riser Rated cable is suitable for installation in veritcal runs and penetrating more than one floor, or for installation in vertical runs in a shaft"

BRAND: CommandLinx
General Cable

c UL us
Communcations Cable
Verified to UL Performance

c (UL)

The color is Gray......(yuck!)

So what do you guys think? What is this cable? Anyone used it before?
I have used lots of cable from HDepot and haven't had any issues. More out of convenience than anything else.
I've used it and it's been fine. I buy cable, etc. from them due to the limited amounts I need. Except for small stuff like this, though, I'd advise Automated Outlet. You can't beat the service and you can get questions answered intelligently, as opposed to the Orange Box.
Just ran a few more runs of this from the second story to the basement last weekend. Running 100Mbps no problems with the HD Cat 5e.
I used several 1000 feet of the HD stuff. For phones and IR's only.

For data, I used Belden. Seeing them side-by-side, you could see a difference in the consistency of the twists.
I use Home Depot CAT5 (whatever the cheapest stuff was) for Gigabit Ethernet and it works fine. I think my longest run is about 30'. I bought a 1000' foot roll for less than $50 about 6 months ago...