CAV6.6 global IR


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I'd like to be able to control various zones of a Russound CAV from a theater location using a universal IR remote but I think the only way to do this is via the rs232 port (I can't find any reference to an IR command for such things as "zone3 vol-"). It also appears that the IR receiver on the front is for learning only. But thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any other thoughts.
This is easy with MainLobby and the Russound cav66 plugin.
You would also need a IR receiver to "listen" for the IR transmissions.

The only way you will be able to get this functionality will be through the serial port on the CAV. The front panel IR receiver is for learning only as you already stated & IR commands received by any given UNO keypad will only control that one specific zone.

Using software and a PC with IR send/receive hardware, you should be able to accomplish this through the serial interface.

Maybe someone can provide info for the sofware & IR hardware???

Looks like David beat me to the punch...

Eric, do you already have a PC as part of your Home Theater, or one dedicated to Home Automation?

Thanks guys, thought that was the case.

I'm already controlling the CAV with a PC but don't want to introduce any other third party PC based components. I'm wondering if I could share that port with some sort of rs232 splitter. I could output from a URC mx900 remote to the MSC-400 which could inject the rs223 signal to the CAV but not sure about confirmations, etc. (I'd only need one-way from the remote Tx, no Rx). Maybe its worth a shot to see what happens.

Too bad the CAV can't use both comm ports at once like my lighting controller...

Thanks again for the help
hmmm, I wonder if there would be an xAP type solution for this problem. Maybe Michael McSharry can chime in if he sees this thread.
I'm testing out Lifeware so I'll need to stick with just that for now. They claim they will soon have the ability to control devices or "Lifescenes" but I'd like to finish this install and provide this basic functionality before the end of the year.

I was wondering if I could just run another cat5 from each of the two UNO-S2's in the zones I need to control back to the head end and use them as IR receivers to those two zones? Then just program the remote to send information via the addressable IR outputs to the zone that needs controlling.

thanks again