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Hello All -
When the doorbell is pressed show a picture in picture of the front door camera and play brief audio file through HFI2.
  • Digital brodcast of my CCTV feed from my DVR security system.
I currently have comcast (xfinity) cable and there are two open channels (950, 951) that are labeled for security cameras. I am going to purchase the below but I wanted to see if anyone out there has had any experience doing this and if my methodology is correct?




Video Modulation from CCTV DVR; Input from DVR output to 3x1 Module Input


3x1 Module - Combines 3 Feeds (CCTV, CABLE ETC.); Single Output to splitter


1x8 CATV Module Splitter; Input from Output on 3x1 module; Output to 8 TVs
  • On Doorbell press display picture in picture on Televisions:
I purchased the omni pro ii and HIFI2 (not installed; house is still being renovated) and want to hook my doorbell up so that when it is pressed it will play a brief audio file and display the picture in picture of the front door footage being broadcasted.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
This modulator would be OK if you plan to modulate to an analog channel, and run separate cable feeds to the TV's, and tune to the cable channel to view the picture.  But it won't modulate to digital channels and if you try to run it on the same coax to the TV it will stomp over a chunk of your other channels.  If you want a cleaner (but more expensive) solution you could consider a modulator designed for digital channels and then it will play nice.  Logenex has an SCDM series that we have up here but would need to make sure it works well on your US cable setup.