CeBotics announces Housebot 3.0


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CeBotics is thrilled to announce the availability of HouseBot version 3. This is the first major release of the software since it was acquired from Meedio.

Software Remote Changes:

* New option to color adjust images. This option significantly simplifies the effort to use controls of various colors.
* New 3.0 Theme. This Theme uses gray tones for all images to help leverage the new color adjustment feature.
* New support for running multiple SWRemotes on the same machine.
* New keyboard shortcuts for controls.
* New "context" option for panel change buttons that allow popup panels to specify different Device and Property values depending on which panel change button was pressed to open the Panel.
* New option for images to keep aspect ratio.
* New option for doubleclick of list control to set second property.
* New “Minimize to tray” option.
* New “Start minimized” option.
* New command line option for initial X & Y (left and top) screen coordinates.
* Hard button support for PC Enter key (maps to Cursor Enter button).
* Improved Image control to handle same named image files but from different directories.

Plugin Changes:

* New Civil Sunrise/Sunset Properties were added to the System Time Device. These work similar to the current Sunrise and Sunset properties, but are calculated using civil twilight times.
* New ASCII protocol for External control plugin.
* Insteon Improvements. It is now possible to programmatically link devices. This allows linking to groups to control individual buttons/lights on the KeypadLinc.
* The Insteon plugin is now included in the main HouseBot setup package.
* New NetCallerID plugin.
* Added two new properties to the IR Devices Device plugin for controlling setting a fixed numeric code length for the numeric pass-through property, and a property to set the inter-code delay.

HouseBot Server Changes:

* New method to send numeric IR codes from a Property without having to configure every possible numeric property value.
* Task conditions can now test text to see if it 'contains' a portion of text in addition to the existing Equal, Not Equal, < and >.
* New Task Action for "Execute Script". This can be used to easily invoke a script from a Task without having to create a separate Script Device.
* Auto compact and backup the main HouseBot database once a month.
* New backup option backup (and zip) entire config directory.
* New option to specify the initial server window state. Can now be set to start minimized or maximized in addition to the default last state setting.
* Log file time/dates now use HouseBot configured formats.
* Error messages that are displayed in the status line are automatically cleared after a period of time.
* Improvements to maximum lengths of Property Values.
* New option for Task conditions to further restrict condition by the source of the change.

Trial Download
Download a free 30-day trial of HouseBot.
(Note: There is no trial period when installing over an existing 2.x version of HouseBot.)

HouseBot is available for purchase through the Cebotics online store.

Purchase HouseBot 3 ($69.99 USD).
Upgrade to HouseBot 3 from a HouseBot 2.x version ($10.00 USD).