CEDIA:Control4 Introduces Portfolio of HA products


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SALT LAKE CITY --(Business Wire)-- Sept. 9, 2004 -- Wireless Line of Products Enables Automation for Any Home; Standards-based Automation System Interacts with Consumers' Existing Networks

Control4, a home automation company, today unveiled a portfolio of wired and wireless IP-based products that enable home automation. The company is the first to offer automation products that can be retrofitted into any home.

"It is our intention to make home automation affordable, applicable and available to a very broad consumer audience. Our standards-based approach allows products from virtually all third-party vendors to integrate with this system," said Will West, chief executive officer of Control4. "We believe these products will begin to transform the home automation industry and improve the way people live."

The company said its products will dramatically reduce the cost of home automation and permit consumers to incrementally upgrade their systems. For as little as $500, users can install and customize basic system components.

The family of Control4 products encompasses the entertainment, security, convenience and comfort needs of homeowners. Control4 has 15 patents in process, in such key areas as network security and installation. The technology utilizes auto-discovery for IP-based control devices, including those that do not support discovery. In addition, auto-creation of programming and user interfaces allows for easy integration of new products, which the system will automatically configure.

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I emailed them for more information, they didn't give me any detailed specs, still waiting for an answer to my question asking if they sell to the DIY market, or just installers.
also ask them if any of the products are real & shipping or is it all vapor-ware so far...
Now those guys have a good argument over at the homeseer board. Maybe Rick and Rich will give in and write TCP/IP support for scripting.
I believe they are supposed to showcase the hardware at CEDIA, if that happens, then it isn't vaporware anymore. Unfortunately, they didn't respond to my second email, and they didn't provide me with many technical details on their IP product line, so not sure what to think about this.