CEDIA Dallas Spring Expo CANCELLED

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Well aint that a kick in the pants. Major bummed!

Sure, they want to continue promoting their expensive training classes. Rubbage.


10.30.2007 — CEDIA has canceled their Spring Expo, originally planned for April 29-May 2 in Dallas.

“Though there was support for the recently announced Spring EXPO concept initially, member feedback regarding market condition changes and other factors have prompted CEDIA to step back from Spring EXPO at this time and focus on education and expanding the exposure opportunities with architects, builders and interior designers at the third annual Electronic Lifestyles Forum,” the association wrote in an e-mail to members on Tuesday afternoon.

“The feedback from our members has changed over the past couple of months and they are no longer ready for a full-force tradeshow such as what was planned for the 2008 Spring EXPO,” says Don Gilpin, CEDIA executive director, in the e-mail.

The spring CEDIA Expo was originally planned to take place in Las Vegas, but CEDIA was apparently unable to secure space at the Sands Convention Center.

CEDIA launched the spring show to attract more regional installers. The association will still hold the Electronic Lifestyles Forum in Dallas from April 30 - May 2, 2008.
It is just another symptom of the grim construction scene we are all facing :( . I have been in business for over 10 years and my father for well over 40 and he has never seen it this slow. I am not complaining because we have work to get us through the winter, but we normally have 3 to 4 medium to large homes on the go and right now we only have one and after that one..... Hope the new year shows a turn around.
well, crap... that was my only chance of getting to anything like that. i'm not in the industry and not really willing to spend the money to travel to vegas or california, so i was excited about the dallas show...
CEDIA's EXPO is an industry only event that isn't open to the public anyways. Doesn't mean you wouldn't have been able to get in but..........
Yeah, I'm disappointed about it as well. Dallas would have been a good place for it since the automation market here is still growing rapidly.....