Ceiling Fan Controls...

I use 5 of the Lightolier fan switches and they work perfectly. They have low medium and high and can be adjusted dynamically as the night temps change.

I installed a seperate Switchlinc to handle the light. The fan switch works wonderfully and has been huge in the WAF department at my house.
DeathtoToasters - aren't you using UPB? (I think so, but may have my people mixed up)

If so, I'm using UPB with my fans - but in a relay fashion (on/off), no dimming. I use the fan switch to set the speed (lo, med, hi) since I rarely change it... and the UPB switch just turns it on or off. Works fine...
yes, use a regular UPB light switch - but set it (in Upstart) to on/off - no dimming. As far as I know - no issue... I've not had any problems.