Celeron 2.4 vs. AMD Athlon XP 2400+


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Which one should I go with?

What I will use it for.

W2K Server
JRMC Music Center
HomeSeer - No VR, will use for TTS
IIS Web Server - For internal purposes, and some external access

Athlon will be faster. Celeron's are kneecapped internally as compared to a Pentium 4. AMD's competitor to Celeron is a Duron but I'm not sure they still make Duron's.
Harley, I just upgraded myself. The best bang for the buck I could find was An Athlon 2600+, abit NF7-S motherboard and 512MB 400mhz DDR. Got it all from Directron.com for less than $300 and reused the balance of my old hardware (video, rocketport, HSPCI modem, HDDs, case).

I can't remember what part of Texas you're in, but you may be close enough to drive to Directron and buy the stuff without having to pay shipping. They're in Houston, I think.

Every order I've placed with them since arriving in Texas(or Martin for that matter) arrived the next day via UPS ground.