Cellular phone opinions for HA?


I want to start implementing remote control of CQC HA functions via cell phone. I need to upgrade from my Star Tac. My provider is VZW and I am told Windows Mobile 5.0 is important to have. Any opinions regarding the actual phone model from current users of VZW and HA remote control? There are a few choices and I want to make an informed decision.

Thank you everybody!


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Well, for CQC you will use the .net viewer which works with either CE or WM. Don't know specifically for VZW, but anything like the HTC TYTN, TYTNII or Kaiser should be fine. I would pick the phone for the rest of the 'features', etc as long as it ran WM.


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I eleive VZ only has 2 options left in the WM (now loaded with wm6 btw) 1 id the treo 700w the other is the samsung i760 I think, (my wife bought the smasung today!)