Central VAC support UPB

Interesting! They don't specifically say UPB anywhere, but the fact that it's licensed from PCS and their capability description matches the UPB spec makes it pretty obvious... I wonder why they just don't display the UPB logo though. Hopefully they aren't tweaking the spec to bring it out of compliance with other UPB devices. There's also an interesting bit where they mention the fact that PCS is in negotiation with many other potential licensees. This is good news for UPB as increased licensing of this technology will bring an increased variety of devices as well as drive costs down.
If you are already doing the much more extensive installation of the vacuum pipe, what's the big deal of stringing along a low voltage cable along with it? Personally I would rather use low voltage than UPB. I would "automate" it by jumping in between the room switches and the actual power unit to shut off the vac for phone calls etc. But that would only require one contact switch (UPB or other). I think this would be a somewhat undemanding noncritical addon.
I think that what's cool about this VAC is the fact that it shuts itself off when the phone or doorbell rings. A UMI-32 can trigger on a phone or doorbell ring so it could link to the VAC to do this without the need for a central controller. I've never had a central VAC though, so I don't know if this is a desirable or unnecessary feature....
SilentMaster.com (where I found the link) does say it's UPB:


We also set technological standards for central vacuums by breaking the home automation barrier using UPB in AirForce.

Useful or not (eventho I think it is), it is a great sign that house appliances are designed with HA in mind.
I thought most central vacs were automatic anyways. I thought they came on as soon as you pluged the hose into the outlet. Atleast the ones i have seen on TV were this way. What else could you automate?
Just off the cuff as far as things you could conceivably automate:
Turn vac off if doorbell or phone rings
Don't allow vac to be turned on on the same floor as home theater if movie in progress
Don't allow vac to be turned on near bedrooms if folks sleeping
Don't allow vac to be turned on if canister is x% full
Speak announcement that vac needs to be emptied when canister is x% full
Speak reminder that x room or x floor has not been vacuumed in x amount of time (real WAF killer there ;) )
I was actually trying to figure out how to do all that stuff with my regular vacuum, but looks like the modifications might be too complicated, so I gave up on that idea. Someday I will be getting a central vac system.
E, your idea about using an inline X-10 module on the vacuum is stil a good one! I may do that. At least you would be able to disable or turn it off when necessary.
Dang. Do you guys vacuum that much? I have never ha anyone call or ring the door bell when I'm vacuuming. If they did I would hear both and simply ignore the phone and press the off button and answer the door. You guys must vacuum much more than the Hughes housed hold does. ;)
And since it's a central vacuum system, why would you care if someone on the same floor as the theater was using it, or if you were near someone sleeping? The actual vacuum creating noise would be in some other location... or are you concerned about possible electrical interference or a power head noise?
We vacuum every day here, so it's easy to miss phonecalls or important announcements.
I was just listing off things that you could conceivably automate with it. I've never had or used a central vac so I have no idea if they make any noise. I just assumed that there would be a motor in the power head that might make noise. Live and learn.
I'm not one that vacuums more than the Hughes household. I have a Roomba and it does half the house while I'm at work and the other half while I'm asleep so during the time the vac is running I'm either gone or asleep so not really concerned with the phone or doorbell.
electron said:
We vacuum every day here, so it's easy to miss phonecalls or important announcements.
DANG! That's all I can say. DANG! You need a Roomba.
A roomba would probably not be a bad idea for the in between 'sessions', but I would only consider the lastest model (Discovery?), so they are still too pricey for me right now.