CentraLite Jilia IoT Dev Kit Kickstarter

Looks like CentraLite is using Kickstarter to promote their "Jilia" IoT platform for Pi and Bone. The capes look interesting as they both have Zigbee, ZWave, Bluetooth, Temp, Motion Sensor, Humidity, and a Compass. The Bone version also has WiFi and an Accelerometer.

I'm going to jump on the KS just because I'm a sucker for Bone capes. They claim to have really simplified the software API for all of those standards, letting you make consistent API calls without worrying about the details of how ZWave works vs Zigbee. They also seem to be using this as a way to get you onto their cloud platform as a way to capture the data for access from mobile apps, giving you a 'starter cloud account'. That's clearly the goal of this whole endeavor...to gain a revenue stream of cloud data from startups looking to roll out the NBT. I think someone there must have read "Business Model Canvas" or something :)
 I'm assuming that cloud access isn't required, and will be canceling my backing if it turns out to be (I can't imagine how it can when wifi is one of the radios on the system.) 
Having this sponsored by a home automation/lighting company rather than some random guy in a garage is both good and bad. The good is that these guys have a much better background knowledge of the issues in HA. This thing will see the light of day and is very likely to work.
The bad is that they set a $50k goal when they clearly don't need the money and are already testing rev 2 of the hardware and working on rev 3. Really CentraLite?
Either way, I think it's interesting news in the HA/IoT world and thought I'd share it.