[CES] 2006 Exclusive Update


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Stopped by the BULogics booth and spoke with Michael Bouissey (part of the ZWave display).

They developed a set top box for controlling ZWave standard products with a one button remote with a trackball on right hand side. The set top box is meant to be displayed on your TV.

This is meant for the "average consumer" for around $400.

You develop catagories (they call them "presets") that can be controlled with the remote via computer interface (lights, thermostats, scenes, events, etc...).

All of these presets can be uploaded to that hand held remote. So with the combined LCD screen and trackball, its like carrying your entire control set with you in your hand. The trackball makes for easy navigation of the remote's LCD display. The hand held remote also offers you feedback from the set top box (so you can see real time status on the LCD screen).

Set Top Box with LCD Remote:

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LCD Remote with Trackball Shown on Right Hand Side:

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TV Display of the Set Top Box (One of the Menus):

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For more information visit BULogics site.