[CES] 2006 Exclusive Update


Please read THIS General CES 2006 Update Disclaimer FIRST:

I had a great visit with Chris Walker, President of Control Think. Chris's software is used in applications for Digital Media Research (reviewed HERE).

He offers a ZWave control solution along with his hardware. Setup is VERY easy. Just take a ZWave enabled device, hold it next to his box, and an icon appears on the screen (which represents the type of device that was added). You can then click and drag this icon to a floor plan of your home (see the screen shots below). This device is then encrypted and also incorporates any special "ZWave feature" that are particular to that device.

This system also incorporates a ZWave USB computer interface and a wireless remote.

This system is designed for very high reliability and was proven with extensive testing throughout the last year.

If hardware has a ZWave chip in it, then it is already pre-certified for compatibility.

A software development kit is presently available for manufacturers.

Control Think Floor Plan Screen Shot:

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

Chris with a ZWave USB Remote:

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Control Think Box and Remotes along with ZWave Devices:

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A More Detailed Floor Plan Screen Shot:

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Another Screen Shot with Live Video Feed to the Left:

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For more information visit Control Think's site.

Chris is a regular Cocooner and I know I didn't give this great product the justice and coverage that it warrants, so I'm hoping Chris can provide additional details (after he rests up from presenting at the show).
A few quick things:

1. We were showing both our ThinkEssentials software ($49, 232 devices, pre-orders ship with free USB stick and free timer plug-in), and our ThinkBox (whole-home integration, etc.).

2. You can set up your network with a notebook, or with a handheld remote, or with our touchscreen. If you use more advanced Z-Wave remotes, devices can appear automagically on the PC :lol:

BTW, click here to see our most popular UI in action: