[CES] 2006 Exclusive Update


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Visited with Tim Shriver of Home Automated Living. He was showing the Home Automated Living software for Home Automation, Home Theater, and Home Control applications.

They interface their software to the powerline via a USB interface (shown below).

You can easily do many powerful things with their setup menus such as create macros, configure lighting, etc...

This control automation software is made to run on a typical PC (i.e you need the PC on full time).

Some packages come bundled with UPB devices included.

They interface with UPB devices and soon, Insteon (with their upcoming release this year).

Also provide an Active X control for those who want to create custom programming applications.

I was impressed with the extensive drivers already included in this software package including common security panels, video grabbers (such as Hauppauge) and other items.

They have a remote web server and also have a command macro setup that can be triggered by Instant Messaging (AOL, Yahoo, etc...). You an also trigger commands via caller ID and Email.

The feature I was most impressed with was the voice recognition. The background noise was huge, yet this software executed complex voice commands flawlessly. The voice recognition demo Tim gave was nothing short of OUTSTANDING (and I've never used that word before to describe a software feature).

This product also has an extensive Support Forum as well!

Pricing was not disclosed.

HAL Screen Shot

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HAL USB Powerline Interface (to the lower right of the PC):

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Software Retail Package Front:

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Software Retail Package Back:

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Setup Menu Screen Shot:

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Pocket PC Sized Web Browser Interface:

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For more information visit their Web Site.
What is that first screen shot from? It doesn't look like stock HAL. Is it MCE or some other front end? Do you know what MIC Tim was using for the demo?
Steve said:
What is that first screen shot from? It doesn't look like stock HAL. Is it MCE or some other front end? Do you know what MIC Tim was using for the demo?
Hi Steve;

I "think" that is from one of their setup menus, but I'm just can't remember (I saw so many demos during CES).

As far as the mic, I don't know what he was using but it looked like the "older" style traditional black microphones with the large receiving head.

I am testing HAL2000 Ver 3.5.8 with Insteon support and am very pleased with it so far. The immediate response sending Insteon commands is so MUCH faster than using the same switches in x10 mode. I'm almost completely sold on HAL2000 now, especially now that HAL has partnered with Honeywell. HAL turns on the light as fast as if I was turning it on from the switch itself.
Hi jeffx;

Are you using any of the voice recognition with HAL? How about video grabbers, security, or thermostats?

What parts do you like about it?



I have not used the voice recognition yet, but I did just order tonight the HAL PCI Modem, so I hope to be able to test the voice recognition very soon. Every review I've read though so far states that HAL has the best voice recognition of any HA software.

Not attempting the video grabbers at this time, waiting on a part to connect it to my security system (soon), and planning on tying into my HVAC when we put in central air this summer.

Why HAL?

Insteon support (finally).

I'm hoping it will be high on the WAF--to be able to command the home automation, security system or whle-house audio in simple english from any phone or intercom in the house.

First impressions with HAL is that it is much more (consumer) user friendly with less steap of a learning curve than HomeSeer.

The fact that HAL will integrate completely with my Honeywell security system is a very big selling point. Honeywell/Ademco security products are commercial-grade and can be purchased dirt cheap off of eBay (try finding Elk products at 50-75% below retail).

Current setup includes: Ademco 128BP controller w/ serial interface; hardwired window, door and motion sensors; wireless smoke and glass break; LCD Touchscreen and voice keypads; integrated intercom system that is also tied to the phone line.

I'll write up a full review in a few weeks once I have it all set up.