[CES] 2007 Exclusive Updates - CAR MD


CES 2007 Exclusive Update - Car MD

Notice: Please be aware that information gathered from the various vendors’ booths was done at an incredibly fast and furious pace. The purpose of these updates is to make our members aware of the new technologies introduced during the show as quickly as possible. Some details and statements may have been (unintentionally) misinterpreted and thus not be entirely correct/accurate during this process.

Car MD
We have all been there. Your driving along then all of a sudden the "check engine" light starts to illuminate from your dash. Immediately you are thinking "what could be wrong?".

Well, with this CarMD product, you will be able to self diagnose problems with your vehicle. This product plugs into the the 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC) provided on all 1996 and newer OBD2-certified vehicles. It is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side but does have alternate locations depending on the manufactuer.

CarMD brochure

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The device will then automatically link to the vehicle’s computer and retrieve its diagnostic information. Then after you’ve loaded the CarMD software from the enclosed CD onto your PC, simply link your tester to the PC with the USB cable and log on to the CarMD website to view the probable cause, fix, and cost to return your vehicle to health.

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If you do wind up ordering one before January 31, 2007, make sure to mention promotion code "CES2007" for a free carrying pouch. :lol:

This device was awarded as one of CES 2007 best innovations.