[CES] 2007 Exclusive Updates - DAVIS INSTRUMENT


CocoonTech CES 2007 Exclusive Updates - Davis Instruments

Notice: Please be aware that information gathered from the various vendors’ booths was done at an incredibly fast and furious pace. The purpose of these updates is to make our members aware of the new technologies introduced during the show as quickly as possible. Some details and statements may have been (unintentionally) misinterpreted and thus not be entirely correct/accurate during this process.

I stopped by the Davis Instruments booth to see what new products they were showcasing for this year's CES. Davis Instruments are best known for their "Vantage Pro" series of weather stations. They were displaying the "Vantage Pro 2" wireless weather station at the show.

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The outdoor sensors are solar powered thus making for a truly wireless scenario. This system will update to the main unit in 2.5 second intervals.

The status display has an RS-232 output so it can be interfaced with your home automation software such as HomeSeer. Davis has an open RS-232 protocol and also has a software development kit available on their website so you can write your own software interface application.

This station can also store historical data with the interval and time duration of your selection.

Davis Instruments was also showcasing their CarChip product. Basically this unit plugs into your car's OBDII port (under your steering wheel) and collects various data on your vehicles performance, including various driving parameters such as distance and maximum speed.

You can then take the unit to your computer where you can then download all of this accumulated data.

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