[CES 2009] Exclusive Updates - Home Automation Incorporated (HAI)


CocoonTech CES 2009 Exclusive Updates:

HAI had an impressive booth showing off a lot of features at this year's CES show.

Access Control
One new product is an access control system which consists of a 'card/fob reader' (two sizes available) as shown below.

Front View:

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Rear View:

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Small and Large Cards:

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The system can directly control a door strike from the reader itself, using only the four wire connection to the card reader from the HAI controller board (you don't have to run extra wiring for the door strike).

Other features include swiping the card within five seconds will arm/disarm the security system (shows red/green lights based on arm condition).

Every card swiped is logged, and multiple swipes can be programmed to perform various automation/security 'actions'.

The system is made for exterior mounting and is weatherproof. You can also use most door strikes (providing they are 'fail safe').

Remote Control
An HAI system can now be accessed via a remote control such as the Philips Pronto pictures below (the photos do not do this system justice as the remote's displays were very sharp looking).

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No remote setup is needed. It has WiFi connectivity and will download all necessary programming functions from the HAI control box. The system incorporates 128-bit encryption so it's safe to control the alarm arm/disarm functions. You can also view IP cameras (a Panasonic was used for this demo). The remote will transcode the camera image to the right resolution to display on the remotes.

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Thermostat Control
HAI was also showing their new Omnistat II temperature controller. Some of its features include:

The thermostat can adjust in relation to the energy used.

This thermostat also has humidity control (it has a humidity sensor inside). (For instance, run fan based on humidity set points).

Programming is super easy via the menus on the thermostat or via the HAI touch pad. It also has various over ride modes such as "vacation" (tell it to set temp to certain setting for so many days for instance) that can easily be set via the thermostat menus or the touch screen.

The system is very compact with very nice lighting display (I believe the lighting settings can also be adjusted).

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(Thermostat Pictured on the Lower Left)

System Firmware & Software Upgrades
PC Access 3.0, came out of beta and is now available. New programming features incorporate major updates to the Code running HAI hardware. (Older systems need a chip upgrade, newer systems can download).

The system now has an easy setup menu for various system interfaces such as Russound (even the new 'e' series), and Nuvo Grand Concerto and can emulate their keypad functions on the HAI touchpads (can even control zones in different rooms so it's actually better than the stock keypads in the Russound/Nuvo as they can only control the local room they are installed in).

Now you can integrate the whole house audio with various security/autmation functions such as play wife's favorite music when she is recognized entering the home (via her access code).

You can now make 'variable' changes to the program. User values can be manually entered (various settings can be selected right form the keypad). For example various wake up times can be selected (without any programming required). An example is shown in the touch screen photo below.

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TouchScreen Display
HAI has a new 'table top' touch screen display. The system incorporates WiFi connectivity and a CE operating system that lets the user control all aspects of their HAI system, including a new media display capability as shown below. Again, the photos did not do these displays justice.

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Please note that the above information was taken at an incredibly fast pace and though accuracy was strived for, errors may exist in the post. :)

The HAI overall system is very well integrated and I especially liked the Pronto remote control access! CocoonTech would like to thank HAI President and CEO Jay McLellan and his staff for taking the time showing all their new products!
Love those hand helds! I wonder if those can be made to control / work with an M1G?
Just recieved an email on these products. ipod eKeypad app eKeypad Plus Don't know anything about them but they look good.

I would like a similar product for a Blackberry. Not really a fan of touch phones, it is hard for me to be without a keyboard after using the Blackberry 8830.

However the iTouch might make a good remote / HA controller. Anyone tried this product?