[CES] Exclusive Update - CABLE CAPTURE


CES 2007 Exclusive Update - Cable Capture by TOG & Associates, LLC

Notice: Please be aware that information gathered from the various vendors’ booths was done at an incredibly fast and furious pace. The purpose of these updates is to make our members aware of the new technologies introduced during the show as quickly as possible. Some details and statements may have been (unintentionally) misinterpreted and thus not be entirely correct/accurate during this process.

Here is a product that when you see it, you think to yourself, "Man, why didn't I think of that?" This product is called the Cable Capture. Basically it will let you organize all of your cables that are tangled behind your computer/desk and wiring closet (every time I look behind my automation computer, I shutter).


To organize a cable, all you have to do is flip the rubber cap up, wrap the excess cable length around the stem, then flip the cover back down.

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The units can "stack" on top of one another, then the entire stack can be attached to a desk or wall.

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They make smaller units for items such as mice and keyboards, but these units can not stack on top of each other.

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