CES Exclusive Update


Another stop was to the Creative Labs booth. I saw a demo of their Soundblaster Wireless Music distribution system.

Basically this system will let you play MP3's and WMA files that reside on your PC and play them over powered speakers anywhere in your home via (your already installed) wireless network router.

Their box, shown below, will be detected by your wireless router. It comes with software that resides on your PC and enables you to select your music library and custom playlists. This box uses an RF remote as an interface (also shown below). This remote has an LCD screen that lets you "control" the library file that you set up on your computer. You can advance playlists, control volume, etc... from the RF remote (which has a 30 foot range away from the box).

They were having a special CES price of around $180 for this system. Be aware that you already have to have a wireless network (such as a D-Link wireless router) and powered speakers to use this system.

If you have the money this is a pretty cool way to control and hear your music library on your PC in another room of your home. The RF remote really makes this system. Its nice to see a miniature display of playlists, individual songs, etc... You can add wireless boxes if you want to give multiple rooms in your home this capability.


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I also saw (er, heard) a demo of their Audigy 2NX external USB sound system. This system will let you play your current music on your PC in a Surround Sound 7.1 or 24-bit DVD Audio format (very cool).

They were having a CES special on these for $80 (I had it in my hands for the longest time deciding, then didn't get it). Probably a mistake because I think they go for around $179 retail.


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