CES Exclusive Update


Well, by popular demand (er, not really, it was only Electron asking for this, but hey, he's the boss hehe ;) ) here are some screen shots of the Windows Media Center that I took while visiting the Homeseer Booth. (Note to self: DO NOT use the flash when taking pictures of monitors). Sorry for some of the poor quality shots, but they were zoomed in (and my camera is only 1.2 MPixels) in order to get the screen shot.


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The last picture is what I was looking for, the pics do show that homeseer is required to run on the same machine as MCE which is a disappointment, but looks cool. Was hoping to see the actual device/light icons and such. Thanks!
Yes, I think you are right. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering why I didn't look into this more while I was there!! :unsure:
BSR..How big do you think that monitor was? I have a 17" wide screen on my laptop but doesn't look ANYTHINK like that! WOW
that looks like a around 50" plasma TV screen, probably Rick's property since he has a lot of this cool stuff in his house :unsure:
My God. I just looked at the pics again and compared it to relative items, such as the keyboard. I think he stole it from the local drive-in movie.
I think E is correct, that's around a 50 incher.

It all seems relative when you are there though, because these things were all over the place.

Note the IR receiver on the top right in the first pic. That was for the remote mouse navigation control.
Hey guys. Thought I would join you over here. My question is what is that box in the lower lft hand corner of the pictures labeled Home Control System? Is this what the HS software box looks like ?

Hey Rupp, welcome aboard :unsure: I think that's the Zwave starters kit that they just won a "Best of" for, not sure.