CES Exclusive Updates


I had the opportunity to visit the 2006 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday and Friday. Visited a LOT of booths and was able to obtain some great exclusive update information for our Cocooners.

EDIT: Listed below are links to all the CES Exclusive Updates that were posted in the REVIEWS forum.

* Logitech

* Control Think

* Digital Media Research

* Embedded Automation

* Monster

* Boca Devices

* Elk Technologies

* D-Link (IP Cameras)

* Russound

* Red Radio, Inc

* Smarthome (Smartlabs)

* Home Automated Living (HAL)

* Leviton

* Sirius

* Home Automation, Inc (HAI)

* Intermatic, Inc

* Control 4

* Universal Electronics

* BU Logics

* Casa Works

* Miscellaneous Booths
General CES 2006 Update Disclaimer:

The intent of these updates is to bring a “first hand†report of the various technologies that were displayed at the 2006 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show as a service to our forum members! A lot of these products are new or are just being “rolled out†to consumers. In a lot of cases the products are aimed at installers and NOT the general DIY homeowner (remember that CES is not open to the general public).

CocoonTech.com is not responsible for inaccuracies in these updates as there were many verbal interviews quickly conducted in the two days I attended the show. Information here should rather be taken as a first hand “quick lookâ€.

If pricing and availability were known at the time of the interview they will be listed, otherwise they were not disclosed by the vendor (for instance in some cases the vendor will only deal with established installers, in other cases the product is new and a resale cost is just not known).

Remember that these products are aimed at various markets; therefore if pricing (when quoted) seems high, you are obviously NOT a targeted customer (enough said here?)! Many of these products were never intended for a “partial†install niche; rather they represent an entire solution for a home system.
Translation of the disclaimer: All errors, omissions, and problems are 100% the fault of BSR. CocoonTech regrets his incompetence, and after whipping him with a wet noodle, will send him back to the forest to look for more shrubbery.
Thanks for those updates BSR, they were interesting to read, especially for us who just can't go to these shows to see the gear and talk to the manufacturers. Home automation seems to be slowly becoming mainstream and the product offerings sure have multiplied over just the past two years, especially multi-vendor support for the new control protocols.
Did you have time to enjoy yourself with all the work? Agreed! You out did yourself.
Rupp said:
Did you have time to enjoy yourself with all the work? Agreed! You out did yourself.
Yes, this was a very exciting CES. What a change a year made, with all the new products out there now!
Now that you've had a chance to rest :lol: , how about a single post (could be in this thread) with links to all the other CES 2006 posts? Kind of like a table of contents. It will make it easier to reference them in future years.

Let me add my thanks to those of others, too.