Change Elk chime?


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How do I change the chime on the Elk keypad? It's a two-tone, i'd like to make it a single short tone.
I have always wondered why it changes. Sometimes it is a quick 2-tone chime while others it has longer tones with more time between tones.

So a single chime tone would be nice for me as well.
KP1 chime does not have an option to change it. KP2 is single tone beeps.

According to the keypad work load at the time of the chime, the timing might be different.

FYI: M1KP2's will be shipping this week, finally.
Ok, thanks for the quick response.

Guess I'll be going to my backup plan - disable the chime altogether, use the Elk-120, 129, and 4(5? I lost count) Elk speakers i'll have around the house to do a chime via the rules, and make it sound like whatever I want.

Gotta love that Elk flexibility...