Change GFCI to UPB Outlet


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I have a chain of GFCI protected outlets, and I need to change several of them to UPB outlets. Can I change the ones I need to change, or do I have to change them all? I trying to automate transformers and other devices plugged into the outlets, and don't want to take the risk of automating at a single switch. I want to change the outlets out to 1000w rated UPB outlets.
Are you saying you want to swap the GFCI outlet to UPB or just other outlets on the circuit? As long as you still have 1 GFCI outlet on the circuit you should be ok. You can't replace the GFCI with UPB only but can replace regular outlets (as many as you want) as long as you maintain the protection. If you have to change all the outlets including the GFCI you should be able to do that if you replace the breaker with a GFCI breaker.

Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician but this should be accurate and to code as far as I know.
Oh yeah I forgot to add you can buy a GFI circuit breaker for your panel. This would protect the whole circuit.
Thanks for the feedback. My plan was to leave the first GFCI outlet on the circuit, and change the others to UPB outlets. If I have to change all outlets, leaving no GFCI protected outlet, I will look into the GFCI breaker.