Channelvision Aria Grilles not fitting


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I'm installing my in-ceiling speakers today and am having issues with the grilles not fitting. I can put the grilles in the speakers no problem before the speakers go in the ceiling, but once they are in, it seems like they are getting squeezd / mishapen somehow because the grills don't go in. Has anybody experienced this? Do I need to make the holes in the sheetrock a little bigger? The speakers went in just fine but I'm wondering why this is happening.
Make sure you are putting it in evenly. When you start putting the grill in, make sure all of the edges are in before you try to push it all the way in.

No, I haven't had this issue and I've installed a lot of those speakers. The tollerences are tight though to make sure they stay in.
What I found was that if I backed off the screws some I could get it in. But it leaves some of the speakers a little loose. Not so they'd fall out but there's a bit of a gap. Guess I can run a bead of caulk around them.

How did you decide where to install the speakers? Do you have pictures? I need to install mine as well, and can't figure out what would be the best location (since room furniture might be moved around in the future).
No pictures yet. The blog is way behind at the moment. But I will post pictures at some point. 16 hour days with this trimout leaves little time for blogging.