Charmed Quark Systems Signs Automated Outlet as Exclusive Reseller, PLUS CQC & AO Set For Chat Sessi


Charmed Quark Systems Signs Automated Outlet as Exclusive Reseller

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, May 1, 2007 - Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd., a leading vendor of software-based home automation systems, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to make Automated Outlet, Inc. the exclusive reseller of the home version of its CQC software automation suite.

Charmed Quark System's flagship product, “CQC”, is a network distributed, scaleable, software based control and automation application suite that provides robust, flexible, and cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems.

With the growing interest in media management as an adjunct to traditional home automation, CQC's use of the PC platform gives it the power to combine a networked media server and automation system into a single software package that integrates web based information sources.

Dean Roddey, Charmed Quark’s Chairman/CTO indicates that "Automated Outlet's high level of visibility to the 'do it yourself' automation market, and their excellent reputation in that market, makes them an obvious choice as the exclusive channel for our DIY automation products, while simplifying life for our DIY customers by providing them with a single point of contact for the purchase of CQC as well as the many accessories that they would use with it."

"The addition of CQC to our lineup will provide our customer base with a truly networked software solution for their home automation needs," said Martin Custer, president of Automated Outlet, based in Lewisville, Texas, “while at the same time being able to provide the software and hardware support needed to fully implement their system.”
Software pricing on the CQC suite will remain the same but new promotional packages including hardware components will soon be offered.

About Charmed Quark Systems:
Founded in 2003, Charmed Quark Systems ( is a leading provider of home control software based Mountain View, CA. Our CQC product provides users with a software solution that is robust, flexible, and scalable for cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems.

About Automated Outlet:
Founded in 2002, Automated Outlet ( is a distributor of home automation, lighting control and security products to the residential and commercial markets. Automated Outlet sells to both the retail market and also through its well established distribution channel of dealers. The company's on-line catalog can be found at For more information please call (214) 245-4594.
Yes, congrats to both companies!

Believe it or not, I was actually IM'ing with someone who's looking to buy an HA package at the exact moment this came out. Needless to say, I pointed him here and said "uh oh, 'promotional packages' - break open your checkbook buddy!"
We are also very excited about this new partnership and look forward to helping CQC increase it's market presence.

CQC software in now on the website. In addition, we have started adding additional package deals that bundle in other hardware technologies.

Charmed Quark will also be in our trade show booths at the EhExpo shows and any other shows that we do in the future. CQC will also be installed in our new demo room and will be added to the training schedule.

Bradon Stapp will be the main CQC contact at Automated Outlet and will be responsible for the product management, support, and customer training. Thank you again Brandon for all of your hard work getting this deal done. is proud to announce that Dean Roddey of Charmed Quark Systems, Martin Custer, and Brandon Stapp (of will be guest speakers for our Friday Night Chat Session, this Friday, May 4th starting around 9:00 PM Eastern Time!

Please join us this Friday for what will likely be a very informative and fun chat session! ;)
We will also be adding CQC toi our in-house training schedule. The first class will be taught be IVB and Brandon. The class will be in our Lewisville office.
A chat log was requested, so here it is. I didn't know anybody else would want this, so there are a couple dropouts where I was trying to get MS Agent working with mIRC. If somebody has a complete log, please post it.

Edit: how come I cannot upload a text log file? I had to zip it.


    10.3 KB · Views: 21 Chat Log, Friday May 4, 2007
Special Guest Chat Featuring Dean Roddey of CQC, and Martin Custer & Brandon Stapp of Automated Outlet

Note: This chat log is also available as a Text Download File (Copy and paste contents into Notepad, Word, etc...).

Start of Chat Log:

[21:01] *** Dean is now known as DeanRoddey.
[21:01] AutomatedOutlet: hey dean
[21:02] AutomatedOutlet: lots of new names on the chat tonight - that's always good to see
[21:03] *** AutomatedOutlet is now known as AO-Martin.
[21:04] AO-Martin: dean, funny thing. after the announcement the other day, i got calls from all three of the other major HA software companies - lol
[21:04] bravesirrobbin: hehe, i bet
[21:04] bravesirrobbin: OK lets get started
[21:04] AO-Martin: yep
[21:04] bravesirrobbin: let me welcome Dean Roddey of CQC
[21:05] bravesirrobbin: Brandon Stapp and Martin Custer of Automated Outlet
[21:05] bravesirrobbin: to our special guest chat sesssion tonight
[21:05] bravesirrobbin: Tonight's topic will be based around CQC and AO becoming the exclusive resseller
[21:05] bravesirrobbin: Let's start with opening comments from Dean, Martin and Brandon
[21:05] bravesirrobbin: I'll turn the floor over to you three
[21:06] DeanRoddey: You guys take it first...
[21:06] bravesirrobbin: Go ahead Martin
[21:06] AO-Martin: I'm not sure what the format of tonight's chat will be but I would like to say that we are really excited about our new relationship with CQC and look forward to working with Dean. Special thanks for Brandon and IVB for their part in it too!
[21:06] bravesirrobbin: you first, then Brandon, then Dean
[21:07] BrandonStapp: this is my first friday night chat, so i will keep it informal, thanks to Dean for the opportunity!
[21:07] bravesirrobbin: Martin, I noticed you announced training for CQC in your store
[21:07] AO-Martin: I see this also as a great opportunity to put together packages that include both hardware and the CQC software to be able to provide a total solution
[21:08] Steve: CQCTroller?
[21:08] AO-Martin: Yes, Brandon can talk more about the schedule (he's is the product manager for the CQC SW at AO) but I think he's planning a seesion very soon
[21:08] AO-Martin: lol
[21:09] BrandonStapp: we are currently looking at mid to late July for our first training course on CQC
[21:10] bravesirrobbin: Dean, what is in store for the immediate future for CQC?
[21:10] AO-Martin: Brandon has also installed CQC in his house and will be installing a copy in our training room vry soon. Dean can count on plenty of feedback from us!
[21:10] BrandonStapp: IVB will be comming down to co-teach with me on the maiden voyage
[21:11] DeanRoddey: For us... we keep looking at what we do and what we are good at. Mostly we are best at the technical side, less so on the selling side. AO is good at those things, and is visible to a wider market than normally would be aware of us.
[21:11] DeanRoddey: It's amazing actually how much time gets sucked up just trying to sell the thing that you already spent all your time creating.
[21:11] BrandonStapp: lol
[21:12] bravesirrobbin: So this is really a 'win' win" for both of you
[21:12] bravesirrobbin: you get more time creating/developing now that you don't have to worry about marketing.selling!
[21:12] DeanRoddey: And of course we aren't in a good position to do things like offer combo packages and whatnot
[21:12] AO-Martin: i think it is. Dean can focus on product improvement and we can focus on the sales. in addition, CQC will also be joining us at the EhExpo shows
[21:12] DeanRoddey: Everyone knows that one of the 'secrets' to getting wider acceptance of automation is to put together standardized packages
[21:13] DeanRoddey: But it's hard to do and keep it all up and running unless that's your business
[21:13] DeanRoddey: And of course we'd get into the issue of us being hardware agnostic and not favoring this or that company
[21:14] AO-Martin: by the way, Brandon posted a discount code on the CQC board that Cocooners can also use - month of May, free ground shipping with discount code "CQC"
[21:14] DeanRoddey: And we are very much looking forward to the first show
[21:15] DeanRoddey: It'll be our first time. I'm going to have to shave my legs and whatnot.
[21:15] AO-Martin: also, if dean needs some hardware for testing or adding an interface for CQC, I'll bet he knows someone that can lend him the hardware now....
[21:15] bravesirrobbin: say again, where is this first show?
[21:15] BrandonStapp: lol
[21:15] bravesirrobbin: I know you mentioned it before
[21:15] AO-Martin: next show will be EhExpo in CA in the fall
[21:16] WayneW: Long Beach CA, November
[21:16] DeanRoddey: So Long Beach is down near LA?
[21:16] AO-Martin: if we add other shows (we might), CQC will of course be represented as well
[21:16] AO-Martin: yes
[21:16] Brian_sic0048: That will be some nice exposure - especially teamed up with AO.
[21:16] WayneW: in LA, home of the Queen Mary
[21:16] BrandonStapp: looking forward to installing CQC at the office, should be fun for everyone
[21:17] IVB: MArtin - if there's one thing you'd want to see Dean do over the next 6-12 months, what would that be?
[21:17] jkmonroe: a table widget?
[21:17] Steve: grow the hair back on his legs
[21:17] DeanRoddey: No help from the studio audience please :)
[21:17] BrandonStapp: can i chime in here too?
[21:18] AO-Martin: well, I see that just recently CQC added a driver for the Nuvo Grand Concerto that I think will be part of the next release.
[21:18] IVB: brandon, you'll have to ask Mr. BSR, moderator man :)
[21:18] AO-Martin: yes, of course brandon - lol
[21:18] BrandonStapp: hehe
[21:18] DeanRoddey: The whole multi-zone audio thing is becoming a major driver of the automation world.
[21:19] Sacedog: Add support for the Russound VM1...after they actually release it.
[21:19] BrandonStapp: i would like to see direct driver support for UPB, rather than pass-through, i could die happy at that point ... hehe
[21:19] DeanRoddey: I did actually spend a good bit of yesterday reading the UPB protocol docs
[21:19] DeanRoddey: I laughed, I cried...
[21:19] AO-Martin: yes, upb will be very important to us
[21:19] BrandonStapp: lol
[21:20] DeanRoddey: It's more straightforward than Z-Wave, but of course still not simple
[21:20] AO-Martin: dean, have you played with the viziarf stuff yet?
[21:20] lpott6: Why add UPB to CQC when the Elk can control it?
[21:21] AO-Martin: fewer messages need to get passed back and forth
[21:21] BrandonStapp: heck no, i have been using the ELK to control, but i would like to add some "smarter" rules using CQC, and see "active" status
[21:21] AO-Martin: i think the cqc could also have more control that the elk when it's fully implemented too
[21:21] lpott6: OK, that makes sense
[21:21] DeanRoddey: Does anyone know Elk's road map for the UPB interface?
[21:21] WayneW: and not everybody HAS an Elk
[21:22] AO-Martin: very true wayne
[21:22] DeanRoddey: But it's a practicality thing. UPB will be very time consuming. If only a few folks want it without an Elk or Omni, we have to think harder about doing it.
[21:22] AO-Martin: dean, we'll hook you up with the right engineers for that
[21:22] jkmonroe: how about ipod control through a multi-zone audio system?
[21:22] Steve: doing polling for true status would be a big plus over the Elk
[21:23] jkmonroe: with full metadata?
[21:23] WayneW: even WITN an Elk or Omni, direct control of any of hte modern protocl opens up a lot more features thean Elk or HAI expose
[21:23] IVB: and a table widget :)
[21:23] jkmonroe: yes!
[21:23] AO-Martin: i agree with wayne
[21:23] DeanRoddey: Tables are hard. How about a 'Day Bed' Widget?
[21:23] Steve: in addition to the driver for the Grand Concerto, do a driver for the M3 server
[21:24] Sacedog: So is the $1,299 package on AO a promotional price due to the partnership? Or, will that price be ongoing?
[21:24] * Steve sees an M3 on the way to Dean
[21:24] AO-Martin: it will be ongoing. brandon is working me over for some short term promotional ideas - any suggestions??
[21:24] BrandonStapp: hehe
[21:25] IVB: Dean - at this point, if you were to prioritize features vs drivers vs "infrastructure", where do you see yourself focusing on for the rest of '07?
[21:25] DeanRoddey: Oy! That's hard to say
[21:25] DeanRoddey: Things change constantly and we have to adjust
[21:25] DeanRoddey: Clearly the media front needs to continue moving foward
[21:25] Steve: I think an AO/CQC branded embedded hardware device similar to HomeTroller or Pro100 will be HOT
[21:25] AO-Martin: hmmm....
[21:26] DeanRoddey: If you want to know what we need the most
[21:26] AO-Martin: brandon, put that one on the list
[21:26] Brian_sic0048: Well I though CocoonTech had the corner on that market (referring to the April fools joke) :)
[21:26] BrandonStapp: already wrote it down ... hehe
[21:26] IVB: Dean - I wanna know!
[21:26] DeanRoddey: It would be some sort of badged, solid state touch pad client (wired and wireless)
[21:27] Sacedog: That would be sweet!
[21:27] DeanRoddey: For wall mounting and hand held
[21:27] AO-Martin: we actually got a call from a cocooner after the announcement asking if we were playing another joke!
[21:27] DeanRoddey: That's what we lack relative to a Crestron or AMX
[21:27] Brian_sic0048: At least at a reasonable price
[21:27] DeanRoddey: We need a low cost, very stripped down wall mountable touch screen that can run eXP
[21:27] jkmonroe: actually
[21:27] IVB: true. an XPe server would be cool too
[21:27] jkmonroe: i saw one the other day
[21:27] DeanRoddey: Even better if it could boot from a server image and have no local storage
[21:28] jkmonroe: its made by a company called auroura and it comes unbadged
[21:28] jkmonroe: 10" TS runs CE 5
[21:28] DeanRoddey: It needs to be at least e-XP
[21:28] jkmonroe: im not sure it couldnt be ... ill get the specs and can post them
[21:28] DeanRoddey: Then it can run our regular interface viewer
[21:28] jkmonroe: ah, true
[21:28] Anon2737: Dean - What's your definition of "low cost"?
[21:29] DeanRoddey: I dunno. It's really other people's definition that counts :)
[21:29] AO-Martin: dean, how would it be upgraded when new releases come out etc?
[21:29] DeanRoddey: That's why the booting from a server image would be the best, since then you just update the image on the server and reboot it
[21:29] AO-Martin: ah, i see
[21:29] AO-Martin: very cool
[21:29] DeanRoddey: And that's centralized maintenace which appeals to the custom installer
[21:30] jkmonroe: so youre talking about a
[21:30] AO-Martin: yep. also, what about custom screens, etc. how would people do that?
[21:30] jkmonroe: server that runs CQC and an interface with the IV embedded?
[21:30] jkmonroe: sold as a single starter package?
[21:31] DeanRoddey: Yeh, you could have a server plus some touch screens, plus an Elk plus a Russound, and that's a pretty serious package
[21:31] BrandonStapp: we would offer the startup package, with all the hw and software, the customer could purchase it, and custom create their screens
[21:31] DeanRoddey: On the custom screens, it would run our standard interface viewer and load them from the server as usual
[21:31] BrandonStapp: with a few templates of course
[21:31] DeanRoddey: Yes, created by them or the custom installer if a pro version.
[21:32] jkmonroe: about screens, do you plan on adding in some form of 'wizard' with basic templates that populate with what you answer in the wizard?
[21:32] DeanRoddey: So it would boot from the sever, set up a file share to the server and have no local storage
[21:32] DeanRoddey: The whole wizard thing is really hard.
[21:32] DeanRoddey: There are some many permutations of hardware that even asking the right questions would be hard
[21:33] DeanRoddey: much less getting the right answers. But it's clearly something to strive for
[21:33] DeanRoddey: Oh, and the touch screen would need a number of hard buttons as well of course
[21:34] BrandonStapp: personally, i like the PDA options the best ... hehe
[21:34] jkmonroe: itd be nice if harmony would license their platform
[21:34] DeanRoddey: One big thing in 2.1 is the new integrated audio player
[21:35] MikeW: I bought an 8.4" DTResearch in-wall touchcomputer with XPe that has hard buttons and a speaker. It seems like a nice solution.
[21:35] jkmonroe: that little guy could be fantastic for a CQC/IV remote
[21:35] jkmonroe: the harmony 1000 that is
[21:35] AO-Martin: that's a nice remote
[21:35] DeanRoddey: What was the price on the DTResearch thing?
[21:35] Brian_sic0048: 8-10" screen, wireless with a decent battery and nice, small dock, that would run the full IV and be reasonably priced - that would be the holly grail.
[21:35] MikeW: ~1300, but that was with 1meg RAM I think. Single unit price.
[21:36] MikeW: I mean 1M flash.
[21:36] AO-Martin: write that down brandon
[21:36] DeanRoddey: But also with a wall mountable version with some nice bezel options
[21:36] BrandonStapp: check
[21:36] jkmonroe: dean, can you make the buttons work somehow?
[21:37] DeanRoddey: Which buttons?
[21:37] jkmonroe: on a touchscreen
[21:37] jkmonroe: say you have ch+ ch- and some transport
[21:37] Brian_sic0048: Personally I think there are more options for wall mount already available (not as nice prehaps, but doable). It's the wireless remote sitting on the coffee table that we really lack right now.
[21:37] DeanRoddey: If they are mappable to standard Windows keyboard type codes, yeh.
[21:37] jkmonroe: could you make those buttons work with devices based on what would be selected in CQC?
[21:37] jkmonroe: nice
[21:37] jkmonroe: so on DVD they would control DVD and on TV, TV
[21:37] DeanRoddey: YOu would do that in your own logic probably. That's the most flexible way.
[21:38] jkmonroe: that would rock
[21:38] DeanRoddey: Brian, what wall mounted options are you aware of? They actually seem a little scarce to me, but I've not been keeping up
[21:39] jkmonroe: what about an open source platform like the nokias? would you ever support multiple platforms (mac/linux)?
[21:39] jkmonroe: with the IV that is
[21:39] DeanRoddey: That would be so much work for so little payoff, I don't think it's worth it.
[21:40] jkmonroe: good enough ... i was thinking that with opensource it could alleviate the need for an OS if you ever partnered with a hardware company
[21:40] Brian_sic0048: Well not much in a single unit, but plenty of people simply run a touchscreen from a computer. Again, not as nice as a complete unit, but it is possible to do today. The wireless option seems to be unattainable (at least with the full feature set we all want).
[21:40] DeanRoddey: Yeh, a standard touch screen on KVM is a possiblity, but not something that really can be pushed as well on a commercial basis
[21:41] lpott6: how about a nano or pico itx mobo strapped to the back of an ELO
[21:41] Brian_sic0048: That's why I think a wireless option is more important because it would fill a role that isn't attainable today.
[21:41] DeanRoddey: Sure, within that market where that's a viable option you are correct
[21:41] AO-Martin: i think something based on CQC but like the convergent living sidekick would be a good idea
[21:41] Brian_sic0048: True Dean, I tend to look at this from a DIY approach :)
[21:42] DeanRoddey: In the end, what anyone sees if they go to someone's house and gets a demo is the touch screen.
[21:42] DeanRoddey: So having a badged, commercial quality touch screen solution (wall and hand) is really important.
[21:42] jkmonroe: ?! i doubt that there is a single CQCer that doesnt show off their rack :)
[21:43] DeanRoddey: Even if you have the most raggedy server in the closet, no one cares as long as it works
[21:43] Steve: why sot a Q1 for wireless TS?
[21:43] Steve: *why not
[21:43] jkmonroe: well, if youre going wireless TS, you have a boat load of options
[21:43] bravesirrobbin: Dean, you should talk with Dwayne of Touchtronix sometime when you get a chance
[21:43] DeanRoddey: Sure a Q1 is also an option, but it's more expensive and more featured and less stable than something like what I'm talkinga bout
[21:43] jkmonroe: ok, my bad ... im interpreting TS as terminal services
[21:43] jkmonroe: :)
[21:44] Steve: well, i was just saying, there ARE wireless options too
[21:44] DeanRoddey: For the professional market particularly, and for support purposes, having something like what I outlined above is a very important step
[21:44] AO-Martin: steve, i thought you didn't like wireless devices??
[21:44] Steve: the ideal would be a device that was both wired and wireless that could table or wall mount
[21:44] DeanRoddey: Yep
[21:45] DeanRoddey: THe guts are effectively the same in both, just a different ethernet connection and a different frame
[21:45] Steve: i don't really, but was addressing what Brian_sic0048 said about wireless
[21:45] Sacedog: with a rechargable battery, that charged in a docking station
[21:45] Anon1299: And didn't limit you to WEP security
[21:45] DeanRoddey: And there are the 'combo' types like AMX has, a wireless that docs into an inwall doc
[21:46] DeanRoddey: and becomes wired and locally powered
[21:46] bravesirrobbin: Dean, how many developers do you have working with you now?
[21:46] DeanRoddey: We've talked to a number of folks over time about such a TS solution, but nothing has come of it so far
[21:47] bravesirrobbin: as far as plugins and all are developed?
[21:47] DeanRoddey: Well, there's me, and there's the other me that comes over when I don't take my meds
[21:47] DeanRoddey: And Mark does the DNV.
[21:47] bravesirrobbin: ah
[21:47] AO-Martin: lol
[21:47] DeanRoddey: But I do all the non-DNV product development.
[21:47] BrandonStapp: hehe
[21:47] AO-Martin: our job is to keep dean on his meds!
[21:47] DeanRoddey: But the user community is prety technical and has done a lot of drives of late
[21:47] bravesirrobbin: I see
[21:48] DeanRoddey: There will be 145 drivers in 2.1
[21:48] DeanRoddey: I'm not sure how many we did but it's less than half now I would think.
[21:48] bravesirrobbin: yes, I noticed your drivers listing is increasing
[21:49] DeanRoddey: We tend to do the really complex ones or the ones that are key to our market (Elk, Omni, Russound, etc...)
[21:49] DeanRoddey: Z-Wave, UPB at some point, that kind of stuff
[21:49] bravesirrobbin: ah
[21:49] Sacedog: Can anyone post the link for drivers currently in development? I thought I remembered seeing that somewhere.
[21:49] DeanRoddey: But some users have done some quite complex ones as well
[21:50] bravesirrobbin: What testing does a driver go through that is created by a member?
[21:50] bravesirrobbin: Since stability is CQC's landmark?
[21:50] Anon6785: Driver's in Development: (Link:
[21:50] DeanRoddey: All the drivers have to survive in the wild for some period of time before we include them into the product
[21:51] bravesirrobbin: I see
[21:51] DeanRoddey: And keep in mind that they can't destablize the system like they can in some other products
[21:51] Sacedog: Thanks!
[21:51] bravesirrobbin: ah, didn't know that
[21:51] DeanRoddey: They are written in our own language and it's very strict and doesn't allow you to do the things you could in a general purpose language
[21:51] bravesirrobbin: to many people developing plugins
[21:52] bravesirrobbin: That is a huge advantage
[21:52] DeanRoddey: Yeh, it's a wierd situation. You need them, but they are dangerous
[21:52] bravesirrobbin: yea
[21:52] DeanRoddey: I would say 'like women', but I might get in trouble
[21:52] DeanRoddey: I hope I didn't just say that out loud just now
[21:52] bravesirrobbin: no, i did not hear you
[21:52] bravesirrobbin: :)
[21:52] bravesirrobbin: What developments say in the "graphics" end is in store for CQC?
[21:53] bravesirrobbin: you know, the eye candy
[21:53] DeanRoddey: Not sure what will happen there in the next release. There was a good bit in 2.1 about to come out
[21:53] DeanRoddey: Mostly related to the 10' screen type thing
[21:53] DeanRoddey: We'll definitely need to do a nice progress bar and some Vista-like things to make peopel happy who like that
[21:53] Brian_sic0048: I think Dean would also agree that drivers tend to grow exponentially. The more users that are added, the more drivers tend to get written. So the outlook for CQC looks great.
[21:53] bravesirrobbin: yea, one cool thing I would like to see (maybe you already have it) are icons that can "move" "change" based on value's input to it
[21:54] bravesirrobbin: something like a 0-100 percent scaled graphic
[21:54] bravesirrobbin: gauges, meters, bar graphs, etc...
[21:54] nice-dream: hey does anyone else use the concerto?
[21:54] DeanRoddey: Yeh, that's been brought up. It can omve along the horz/vert axis based on the value associated with it
[21:54] DeanRoddey: Or both, moving diagonally
[21:55] AO-Martin: we have the grand concerto here
[21:55] Sacedog: Anyone know how far IVP is on the Recipe Mgmt System for CQC? My wife would love that!
[21:55] jkmonroe: sacedog: i think its on hold atm
[21:55] AO-Martin: you need one?
[21:56] Brian_sic0048: I think he has been doing to many webinars to get too much work done on it. And now they have tempted him to fly down to TX. We'll never get any work out of him :lol:
[21:56] Steve: martin - sell him the elk as a mute interface :lol:
[21:56] DeanRoddey: So what's Grand about the Grand Concerto, relative to the Un-Grand?
[21:56] bravesirrobbin: Dean, another thing I would like to see is some sort of "floor plan" developer
[21:56] DeanRoddey: You can drop in any image you want and place all the indicators on it.
[21:56] jkmonroe: bsr: why not create a floor plan image yourself
[21:57] nice-dream: actually i was going to ask that, has nuvo released a package to upgrade the normal concerto to the grand.. ? i saw something like that floating on the web
[21:57] jkmonroe: yeah, what he said
[21:57] jkmonroe: :)
[21:57] bravesirrobbin: well, I am talking about a library of graphics
[21:57] AO-Martin: dean, it has better integration with the music server and also more power and some pretty cool keypads
[21:57] nice-dream: it was all the new keypads and a cd..
[21:57] bravesirrobbin: and just drag and drop them on the "floor plan' you create
[21:57] nice-dream: cause the controller looks the same
[21:57] jkmonroe: there is an image pack available that has a lot of home 'automation' type icons that you could use
[21:57] Steve: and paging input, better integration with the T2 tuner also
[21:58] BrandonStapp: 80w per zone
[21:58] nice-dream: p.s. is debbie real?
[21:58] Steve: also 8 zones vs 6, last 2 unamplified
[21:58] BrandonStapp: only integration with the M3
[21:58] BrandonStapp: LOL!!
[21:58] AO-Martin: also the ipod docks which we have finally started to get in
[21:59] Steve: [21:58] BrandonStapp: only integration with the M3?
[21:59] AO-Martin: steve, the concerto has the same number of zones as the grand
[21:59] DeanRoddey: Some other users are really into the B&K multi-zone thingie, and have been working on a driver for it. Not sure where it stands against the Nuvo or Russound.
[21:59] Steve: not accoring to Nuvo!
[22:00] nice-dream: yeah the whole controller looks exactly the same as the grand i think they are the exact same...
[22:00] AO-Martin: not sure who you talked to but we had it installed
[22:00] Sacedog: Is the Russound RNet driver able to perform any control over the ComPoint system? For example, turning the kid's DND off.
[22:00] Brian_sic0048: B&K - probably a nicer audio system (higher power etc) but NUVO and Russound definitely win on the keypads. B&K Keypads are rather basic.
[22:01] Steve: Yeah, you're right, their spec sheet i had is wrong!
[22:01] nice-dream: hey does anybody else use casatools with nuvo ?
[22:01] AO-Martin: what is that? never heard of it
[22:01] Brian_sic0048: Also better integration with music server, Ipod, etc with Russound and Nuvo than with B&K
[22:01] nice-dream: (Link:
[22:02] nice-dream: it basically lets you use a normal computer with serial connection to perform like an m3
[22:02] nice-dream: it pushes the music and metadata to the keypads..
[22:02] AO-Martin: m3 has 3 separate outputs though
[22:02] nice-dream: yeah, but it can do that with an m-audio card
[22:02] DeanRoddey: We also have a driver for the Nexus multi-zone system, though I'm not sure if anyone is using it yet.
[22:03] nice-dream: (i'm trying to accomplish the cheap man's m3)
[22:03] Steve: then use a pc with m-audio delta and cqc, lol
[22:04] DeanRoddey: Hey, I'm going to have to bail. I was running late and didn't have time to eat supper before chat time. So I'm about to pass out.
[22:04] AO-Martin: ok, talk to you later
[22:04] bravesirrobbin: ok dean
[22:04] DeanRoddey: Oops, it just happened.... How long was I gone?
[22:04] bravesirrobbin: thanks for joining us here on CocoonTech chat
[22:04] nice-dream: i've been trying cqc out, but it seems like overkill for just that
[22:04] AO-Martin: lol
[22:04] BrandonStapp: alright dean, good talking with you!
[22:05] Steve: c ya Dean
[22:05] Brian_sic0048: Thanks Dean.
[22:05] lpott6: thanks Dean
[22:05] bravesirrobbin: ok, so let's turn our attention to the automated outlet guys
[22:05] bravesirrobbin: what is new on the horizon with you two
[22:05] nice-dream: SALE SALE SALE!
[22:05] bravesirrobbin: new office/warehouse
[22:06] bravesirrobbin: new training/space/etc...
[22:06] JohnW: fire sale
[22:06] bravesirrobbin: new staff???
[22:06] AO-Martin: yeah, we've been busy with the latest expansion.
[22:06] AO-Martin: yep, that too
[22:06] BrandonStapp: more construction ... lol
[22:06] bravesirrobbin: how many moves of increaseing buildings does this make for you martin?
[22:06] *** DeanRoddey has signed off IRC (Leaving: Visit!).
[22:07] AO-Martin: we have now 9 people here and a 10th starting next week

End of Chat Log