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Chat: Christopher Whitworth (Elk Products)


Staff member
I just found out that Christopher Whitworth agreed to join us tonight around 9pm EST in the chat room. Chris is the guy behind the brand new Elk M1 Remote Management software, so this is your chance to ask any questions you might have! CocoonTech.com will also be offering a working demo of this software for download in the next few days!

You can connect with any IRC client to irc.marstracker.com , #cocoon, or you can use the JAVA interface by clicking the

See you there!


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yeah, this all happened fast, but as a hardcore Cocooner, aren't you visiting CocoonTech every 5 minutes or so? ;)


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Attached is an unedited version of the session. You will have to scroll down to find where chris enteres the room as Cocooner and then changes his name later to something else.


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