Chat downtime


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Yet another hard drive bit the dust (damn magic smoke), this time it is the server which also hosts the chat room. I will try to get a new server up and running by tonight, assuming I have enough time, and can get my hands on another hard drive by then.
You need to start advertising your house as a "proving grounds" field test lab for hard drives to Seagate, Maxtor, and WD. If it can stand the harsh testing of electron, that's a better advertisement than a five year warranty! :rolleyes:
I take it your main servers have RAID 1 or 5 and this happened because the Chat server is not deemed mission critical?

It would be nice if all of the related boxes all had RAID. If it is just a matter of getting a controller and a drive or two and that is outside of the budget, you should post a modest wishlist. I am sure your loyal members come across stuff all the time that might be donated if they knew the need existed.

It was an old 2U Celeron 500mhz based server, with a 30G WD drive (has been running 24/7 for years). It also hosted my other sites etc, but I am not too worried about the data, since my software creates backups on a nightly basis, and copies them to several other machines on my network.

It just sucks having to spend time on rebuilding the machine. Due to all the HD failures lately, I did run out of drives, but I am sure I will find something in my old 'toy box', or worst case, I'll move the service to a virtual machine until I am ready to rebuild.
I'd be happy to donate a few bucks to help get the server back on its feet. heck, if 10 people donate 10 bucks thats enough to buy a pair of drives for raid 1.
Maybe another server for temporary use? EFnet?

I have cocoontech if anyone is interested.
I am building a virtual server as we are speaking, hopefully it will be up within the hour.
IRC server is back up, webserver isn't, so the java interface is still offline, but you can use mIRC (check the How-To section for a tutorial with screenshots), trillian etc to get connected.
Man, your having a bad computer year....I feel for ya.

On that note - you don't hear it enough - THANKS!! Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated by us loyal CT'ers.

PS: What IRC server do you use?
Yeah, e, a big THANK YOU for all your work and support.

Yes, it always seems to happen when you can least afford the time to rebuild things. Wish I was near you so I could help!
I finally had some time to rebuild the web service as well (still hosted on a virtual server tho), so the chat button should work again.