Chat Night Tonight: Special Guest Speaker


Please join us tonight for our usual chat session which starts at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Tonight we will have a special guest speaker, David Steele, Chief Engineer for Elk Products. David has graciously agreed to chat with Cocooners about all of Elk's products, especially their M1 Gold automation and security control system.

This Elk product line has been the latest craving of home security and automation enthusiasts! Elk is actively upgrading and adding capability to this system as well.

Find out about this and other Elk Products tonight!!
Just an idea...

Logging the discussion and possibly posting it (edited, preferably), so that others that miss tonight, may have a chance to read about it?


Edit: edit out the stuff not related, that is ;)
it is being logged, and the log will be formatted and posted sometime this weekend ;)
Thanks again David for being our guest speaker. I do want to apologize for my disconnecting early as my ISP provider's connection went out (it was city wide) and didn't come back on line till after the chat was over.

(I may look into a cheap dial up as a backup, but this has only happened to me about three or four times over the past four years).