Chat server down


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Well, looks like Murphy struck again, and had yet another server die on me. I will be coming up with a temporary solution asap, but since this happened just now, it won't be until sometime tomorrow.
the server CT is on does not allow you to run ircd. It will be back up, just need a little time to deal with this issue.
Back up for now, I moved the HD to my home automation server, until I have more time to work on this issue.
Why don't we take up a collection to get Dan a real server-class machine for the CT stuff? Anybody?
Thanks Gordon, I REALLY appreciate the gesture, but it won't be needed. The network connectivity issues will be resolved by next week, and I will also have a new server soon (I use the server for personal stuff as well, so that's yet another reason I couldn't even consider accepting donations).
Dan, I don't think anyone here would think twice about whether you used a donated server for other stuff, personal or otherwise, as long as it worked out ok for the chat or other CT systems. You've put a lot of personal sweat and time and money into CT, it would be a wash.

If at any time in the future you feel you need a server, please let us know - I'd be happy to help out by contributing the first $100 to get the fund started.

I know you have said no to the donations in the past. What if we put a new spin on it? Everyone who wants to contribute can donate a piece of un-used, unwanted, but working piece of hardware. Once the items are gathered, then we have a member’s only auction. All the proceeds go to the purchase of new equipment. We get to clean out un-needed equipment, or purchase used stuff, and you get money for new equipment.

Just an idea

You guys are too kind, but I don't think things aren't that bad yet. I am hoping it's just a bad power supply or something, I will know soon enough. I love doing this stuff, so it won't be a problem at all. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!
The cablemodem is down again, so I was asked to leave it down so they can look at it while it's happening. Of course, they gave me the noon-5pm window before a tech can make it over, so I can't tell for sure when it will be back online. Sorry about this, but it's the only way to get this figured out :(