Cheap DVR Capture Cards


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Im looking for a 4 channel DVR card for under $100. I was hoping to find a card that i can use with different software such as Active WebCam:

Speed is not a huge issue for me but reliability is. In other words if I have technical problems I want to be able to call the vendor or Manufacture and either get a replacement or tech support.

Im dumb when it comes to this type of thing so please explain to me in newbie language why a certain card would be perfect for my needs.
That IP server mentioned in the last post in that thread is JUNK, do NOT buy it! We should have our review posted soon.

As for the cheaper 4 input card, do you know if you can use all 4 inputs at the same time, and if the card is WDM compatible? Thanks!
Thanks TonyNo... I actually was on the page earlier as it was mentioned in another post here on cocoontech. Being a newbie at video surveillance I am not sure if all the cards on that page use the windows driver model. The DVR4161 on that site looks very good to me for only $115 at 100 or 120fps per card. This is probably a little overkill for my current use but for the future i may need something this fast.

So im asking for the expert opinions from you guys here. Which cards from are safe to purchase?
From the IP9100A page said:
Embedded web server, no need PC and use one IP can transfer 4 video and 1 audio source - like from Camera, DVD player, Video Box , TV Game / Box ,Camcorder & VCR, you can easily show video to your friend all around the world and also output to displays.

Only IP Video 9100A Plus provide Round Robin functioin : Display 4 videos at same screen any Video & Audio can easy share online.
How did they know I only had one friend?