Cheap Premise Remote


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I happened upon this CHEAP (~$100) tablet on eBay' 7" MID UMPC Netbook Tablet Touch Screen WindowsCE C068'
I thought I'd give it a try.

7inch Touch Screen EPC Specification CPU AK7802,266MHz
Internal Memory DDR 64MB
System Windows CE5.0
Hardware NandFlash 1G
LCD Display 7″TFT digital screen,16:9 widescreen
Display Screen Resolution 800*480
Online Support Including 10M-100M net card and
Net Interface 802.11B /G wireless net card
Card Reader/storage Device SD/MMC card,U-disk
I/O Port DC In power socket
Mic In head socket
Earphone earphone socket
Ethernet RJ-45 port
SD/MMC clip slot
1 line USB2.O Host connecter
2 line USB1.1 Host connecter
Audio Frequence Inlay 0.5W*2 stereo trumpet
Inlay monophonic recording
System Status Of LED Power pointing
Charging status
Number lock
Caps lock
Rolling lock
Battery 1800mAH,7.4V lithium ion battery
Endurance Ability WIFIunfold:5 hours
WIFI close:7 hours
Power Adapter AC100-220V 50/60HZ Input,DC9V 1.5A Output
Size 213.5mm*141.8mm*30.8mm
Colour Black/White
Weight About 0.37KG

The 64MB RAM is a bit tight - I've contacted the manufacturer about upgrading. Some of the screen prompts appear in Chinese. Still checking out battery power.

It took a while to get the SYSConnector to load, using the ARM connector. End of story? It works! If i can get the RAM upgraded and verify the battery, I would recommend this. Full Premise functionality (I had to revert back to 800x600 - they do have 1024 versions available). Did take a long time to receive -
As always, follow my input at your own peril!


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How fast does AB work on this thing? Do icons and album covers take a long time to load or is it just the initial installation of the SYSConnector that took a while to load? I think something similar to this has strong potential to be a spare remote (especially for the price), but how does AB performance compare to an actual PC...


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I'll give some more detailed data when I get back home from this two day CA->DC->CA trip..but, yes, finger touch works, that is, it doesnt require the stylus. The cheap plastic stylus works better, but fingers are okay.

The length of time required to install the connector was two-fold. I had a problem moving the file from my server to the device via http. I finally USB'd it. Once I remembered how to register the connector, I was halfway there. By default, the tablet uses XP as the default user-agent. PocketPC and WindowsCE are the other choices. Once I went to CE, I was good to go with consistent results.

Processor speed shouldn't be a factor (I think). I think my current Fijitsu runs around 266mhz, which is comparable (is it?). According to the email I just got, apparently adding the SD Card increases memory. My jet-lagged brain is shorting out on that one...

I'll put some spec times up prob on Monday, before I do this round trip grind again on Tuesday.... :)


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Had some amount of time on the tablet. All in all, not bad. Loading is generally great. Works well for mediazones and device control. Loads album covers fairly fast. Faster than a laptop w/ 1GB RAM? No. Fast enough so you're not wondering if the thing is working? Absolutely. Debating about getting another for the bedroom.


Battery Life - <3hrs. The battery inicator is a bit flakey. Displays half life when full. Unplug, then it goes back to full.
WI-FI -config is a bit of a pain. Once you get it set up, its okay. I did have some issues getting it set back up after turning it off. I'll try to repeat this w/e when I get home.
SYSConnector - install it into the 'FLASH2' directory and register it there. When the power gets turned off, when SYSConnector is in the Program Files directory - it disappears. So far so good.

More when I get back!


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Well, the Premise Ornery System (or as I call it, POS) decided that my hundred bucks was not worth the honor of being a Premise remote. It started smelling the distinctive smell of cooking electronics. Perhaps it was because if it lost wireless connectivity, I'd have to reboot 4 or 5 times to get it back. Or maybe it didn't like being the cable remote. In any event, it quit charging, smelled, and finally wouldn't power up.

The AB did look good on it and it even passed the WTF.



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Well according to this, we may have some hope yet...


In the meantime I picked up an Origami UMPC for $112.00 - used, but I doubt I'll have worse luck than the other one I purchased. Of course, its going to lead to one of those 'Premise or me' the old joke goes, "I sure am goin' miss that girl' :unsure:
(Just kidding honey)


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I think within a year these cheap internet tablets will be all over. Manufacturers must be waiting for Windows 7 mobile?!? When they do come, they'll probably be more like $200 in the store but atleast they won't burn up.

I also had bad experience with the drop shipped China stuff on ebay... I ordered a standalone charger for my camera with a battery... The charger was wired backwards! I had to take it apart and reverse the leads; still works a few years later after the minor repair though.


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same lesson learned...drop shipped from China. I asked how much RAM and can the RAM be upgraded. Yes! 64MB and you can upgrade the RAM with SD Card....but, at least it wasn't wired in reverse..


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This weekend I recived an Azentek T700 (also called TabletKiosk). An XP configured device...
17.5 GB
16.7 GB

So far, so good! A minute or two to install the ActiveX for Premise. Full-blown cheap Premise remote.

Oh yeah! I only paid $112 for it, including shipping...take that Harmony and RTI!