Cheap Video Conferencing


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Thought I would share this. My daughters both live out of state so we were looking for a good video conferencing solution. Here is what we found that is cheap and works great.

Goto a Gamestop and pick up a used PS2 Eyetoy camera. They are priced at $5 used. Then install it on your WinXp box (or Win2K) with the drivers.

Then go into MSN Messenger and setup your webcam and mike to use the new camera and built in mike. Then just invite someone to start a video conversation. It works great. I am looking into an application that can do multiple video connections at the same time so that we can talk to both our daughters in two different states at the same time. I will keep you posted.


If someone wants to host the small driver zip file (<550K) PM me and I will email it to you.