Cheapest Video Distribution Setup?


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Ok, so I want to distribute 4 to 8 Component Video sources (SD & HD) to 8 zones. I get that I need a matrix switch. The options I have seen are the Audio Authority AVX-561 (or 661 if I want DVI), Neothings Borrego 8x8 or an unidentified AutoPatch. I don't know anything about AutoPatch Models so I am at a loss for what I would need.

My question is which is the cheapest? I understand that the Audio Authority has both the Matrix switch & the cat-5 distribution in one. I also understand that if I go with Neothings or an Autopatch I will need some other video over cat-5 setup (CE Labs CAT5RX/TX maybe?). I just can't find enough info or prices to know what is the most cost effective distribution method.

Any ideas?
I'm sure your looking for somthing more complex then this.

I have CE Labs AV 400 that distributes my HD tivo to four other locations. I see no loss at all with this unit. I have a seperate ir system for the remote end of things. My main rec. is in the same equipment rack as the Tivo and gets a direct optical connection. I have analog going to the other three locations through the av400.
That is pretty cool. I need something similar that will take 8 or so inputs and distribute them through out the house... I just don't know which one of the products that I have found that can do that is the most "cost efficient"...