Check this HA site out!

I just checked it all out, there are some good ideas in there (electricity/gas/water counter),time to check out what my meters look like.
There is an X10 interface, but you are right, there is more attention paid to the consumption of gas/water/electricity than anything else. But it is something I would like to do myself tho.
They track the opening of the refridgerator door. Why didn't I think of that? I've got a bunch of extra DS10s. I'm monitoring every door and window in the apartment. But, I never paid attention to the refridgerator!
Here I am trying to figure out the next wiring job so I can monitor my freezers lol, I totally forgot about the DS10 units. Time to find a really good deal on them.
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Im the webmaster of
Just want to tell you that almost everything you see on my site i can also control. The control interface has also a webinterface which visitors can not see!

regards and thanx
Hi bwired,
welcome to Cocoontech.

Can you post how you are using the 1-wire devices to count pulses? And possibly some code to bring the data into a database?

A project that I am interested in the 1-wire counter is to plug one into my bicycle (on stationary training rollers) hall effect sensors for both wheel speed and crank speed. I have an aftermarket speedo on the bike now and wanted to see if I can reuse the sensors (wheel / crank mounted magnet with hall effect coils mounted on the frame) to trigger the 1-wire counter. Then, just like you are monitoring utility usage, I want to monitor "my" energy output (while riding).

Your thoughts on whether the hall effect output is enough juice to trigger the counter? If not, any suggestions on circuitry to drive it?

The next step in the project would be to show some riding perspective video on my large screen with a map overview for "progress". But, one step at a time :lol:

Of course I am also interested in monitoring house functions as well, so any additional detail you can share is much appreciated.

Great job!
Yes, there were some postings I believe on the HS forum of users that use the rotating disk and the black line on it to trigger an optical sensor. There is also some current discussion to use a current meter with a split core ferrite.

Would be interested myself - any ideas - please post!!!