Chernobyl pictures

I saw these on another board. Very creepy for sure. Wonder if there's live footage of the meltdown. I was only a wee little tyke back then... don't remember much.

This quote from it caught me:

If I keep walking all the way to reactor, then at the end of a journey I will glow in a dark. May be this is why they call it a magic wood. this sort of a magic when one walk in in a biker leather and coming out like a knight in a shinning armour.
Those pictures show how real it is. I don't know much about the cercumstances for this nuclear disaster, but I do know that our power plants in the US are much better controlled.

After reading about Three Mile Island, which did upgrade it's emergency status to the highest level, but only eventually. Human error was to blame for the Pennsylvania nuclear power plant. They didn't report the problem, they didn't take care of the problem. They actually did things to make it worse, like completely shut off the cooling system for the reactor B)

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, which I have close ties too ;-) has been and is one of the safest nuclear energy operations in the world. We received our extended licenses before anyone else, including military reactors!

While the chance for a nuclear disaster in the US, is remote. It can happen, and many new safety proceedures are in place since Three Mile Island. Heck, President Carter went to visit the scene of the nuclear accident because it wasn't known how dangerous it really was at the time! My main concern with nuclear energy now, and in the future is the whole thing with nuclear waste. It's there, and there is lots of it. And it's sitting in cooling pools and storage facilities on site at every nuclear power plant in the country.
I'm around 4 miles downwind from a nuke plant (North Anna). Those pictures really draw one's attention. I'm not going to get into the pro/con of nuclear power, but I do wish it was a requirement for every nuke technician to take a trip to Chernobyl and see things first hand. It would be a surefire way to stamp out any complacency about the job. Nothing like seeing the results of failure to center ones attention.
It sounds cliche, but I got chills. The date that's circled on that calendar, April 26, 1986 was my sisters 3rd birthday. Creepy to me.