choice of anemometer


My old AAG anemometer/wind-vane has not got much life left. It really never was suitable for long term exposure to the weather, the plastic case is not waterproof, the bearings need regular replacement, and the plastic itself is almost disintegrating because of exposure to too much UV.

So, I need a new one. I would value some guidance on the pros and cons of ADS versus Inspeed. Especially in terms of their "robustness" when exposed to a few years of real life usage.

The price difference is non-trivial. I could purchase two of the ADS options for the price of one Inspeed. So should I expect double the lifespan from the Inspeed?

Obviously the Inspeed has finer resolution than the ADS, but are there other benefits that I might have missed ?

The ADS manual has a table to convert voltage to direction in 22.5 degree increments. Is it confirmed that the DS2438 VAD output always matches one of these bands? So I could never see a VAD of (say) 1.0 which would not translate to a valid direction?
The Inspeed is a much nicer unit than the ADS and I'm not saying that because the price is higher :) Would you get twice the life in a real world situation, maybe but couldn't guarantee it. One thing is I can get replacement parts for the Inspeed but I have been unable to get parts for the ADS.