Cinemar Software Demonstrated on HGTV


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One of our loyal users had a chance to show off her magnificent loft as well as Cinemar's software. Be sure to set your DVR to record. You can still catch repeat episodes. Congratulations Madge. You'll also see some airtime from our good friends at HomeSeer.

Space Savers
Visit four unusual small homes that are big space savers.
Small Space, Big Style: Episode HSSBS-205

Home Automation in Austin

All her life, Madge Whistler wanted a big house in the suburbs. That is, until she got one. The 4,000-squarefoot home couldn't make up for the isolation she felt living far away from the city, so she packed up and bought a tiny condo in the heart of Austin. She and her designer, Jerri Kunz, transformed the bland condo into an elegant and efficient open space, complete with double-duty furniture and an elaborate home automation system. Whistler has mastered the art of saving space, as well as effort!


Fully Automated

This touch screen on the kitchen island controls all of the home's inner workings with the touch of a button or even just the sound of Whistler's voice. It commands the lights and climate, as well as her music and movie collections. She can talk to her house and it talks back!


- February 02, 2006 11:30 PM ET/PT
- February 03, 2006 3:30 AM ET/PT
- February 04, 2006 2:00 PM ET/PT
Wow, that looks like a really nice place! I set my DVR to record it, if no one else tries, I will see if I can convert it and upload it.
Congrats Madge on all that hard work prepping for the show that now has paid off. Very nice loft and HA presentation.
Madge done good for our hobby and industry!

I still wish the press wouldn't spend so much time on the VR aspects of HA. It's such a small percentage of what HA is about (in daily usage). Must be considered sexy or something...

Smarthome $20 Insteon switches (and the competitors that will respond) will be the next BIG thing on getting more understanding of HA and it's worth. Of course we that spend every night working on this stuff to make it easy for the "consumer" group that is coming can't say it has been "a labor savings" :)

Thanx for the touchscreen logo mentions. Nice.
Very cool - congrats on the score. We need to increase visibility of HA/HT, and what's possible.
I just finished watching the episode. The place looks awesome, but they definitely didn't focus on automation at all IMO, which was rather disappointing (especially while knowing how much work she put into this).
Sadly, this seems to be the type of comment I have read on every single review concerning "home automation" show. I guess there are just not enough "techies" out in the TV audience.

I didn't see it but would really like to. Will it be hosted somewhere?
I was pretty disappointed too, but for other reasons (like seeing how awful I looked).

As to the HA component, heck, I was delighted it even aired. They didn't come out here for HA. It was just something I added to the mix. Out of 8 segments they filmed, only one was HA related. If you look at it that way, then HA got a disproportionate share of the coverage.

Even so, it was marginal. VR....hear ya.

One little baby step for HA...
You looked fine, I think most of us would really be awful on camera, you seemed like you have been doing it for a while :)

I am converting the video show right now, and will see if I can upload it.
Yeah - I think they did a fair job of discussing HA considering the show wasn't about it. And I'm sure Madge also had a lot to do with getting as much in there as they did.

Some day we'll look back and see many more shows discussing the topic and call Madge the real pioneer. :)
I just had a chance to see it, too.

I thought it went pretty well. There was probably a higher percentage of your segment dedicated to HA than any other program I've seen.
Got my wife to watch it. She seemed to think it was pretty cool. :)

So it looks like it has a high WAF.