Clearing Insteon from M1XSP


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I have a question as to how to reset/clear/erase all Insteon addresses from the M1XSP unit.

The instructions from the manual are below (at the end); but, when I do this they don't appear to be cleared from the M1XSP (after following the instructions I can still turn lights on and off via the keypad). Maybe I am following the instruction wrong??? When it says power down and move the S1 jumper to "0", should ALL power (M1 power) be off or just power to the M1XSP module? Also, how do you reset the 2414S unit? Smarthome does NOT include this information when you buy the 2414S.

All in all, I am finding the set up and linking process between the Elk and Insteon to be really difficult and problemmatic. Improvement is REALLY NEEDED.

Permanently erasing "Unlinking" all Insteon devices from the M1XSP - (Jumper S1)
At the present time it is not possible to erase or "unlink" Insteon devices individually. The only option is to clear all the linked
devices at once, erasing all the memory, making it necessary to re-enroll all devices again.
To erase all the linked devices from memory in the ELK-M1XSP:
1. Power down the M1XSP and move the S1 jumper to the 0 position.
2. After 5 seconds move the S1 jumper back to the 1 position. All devices addresses are now erased in the M1XSP.
Putting the jumper on and starting the unit for 5 seconds and then resetting the jumper worked for me.

I flipped off the main power, set the jumper, turned the main power back on. I then shut it off after 10 seconds or so and rest the jumper and turned the power back on.

Hope this helps. I don't remember if there was any light indicators that confirmed the operation. I also did not bother trying previous settings and just relinked.