CNN Breaking News 2.2


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filename: custom_cnn.txt
version: 2.2
description: announce/process when CNN releases a breaking news alert
author: electron
instructions:1) copy this script to the homeseer\scripts directory
2) create a new virtual device (description and house/unit code dont matter)
3) assign that house & unit code to the virtualdevice variable in this script
4) set the wavfile and other remaining variable
5) create a new event, recurring every 3 minutes (or whatever time interval you like)
6) select custom_cnn.txt to run in the "Scripts/Speech" tab
7) if you wish to enable debugging, add custom_cnn.txt("main","debug") instead of just custom_cnn.txt
8) if you wish to run the script in test mode, add custom_cnn.txt("main","test") instead of just custom_cnn.txt


version 2.2 (11012002): added a debugtest mode (debug+test), and it now Trims the incoming parameters
version 2.1 (10262002): added debug mode, made icon clickable (points to, added test mode
version 2.0 (10052002): added .INI support, auto setup and setup audio guidance
version 1.9 (10022002): internal beta
version 1.8 (10012002): CNN changed layout, updated script
version 1.7 (09242002): CNN changed layout, updated script
version 1.6 (11132001): script will now pick up both CNN alert templates
version 1.5 (10292001): added news icon, adapted script to CNNs new template
version 1.4 (10222001): restructuring script (Thanks to Paul Augusto for the wav patch)
version 1.3 (10062001): added announceschedule variable
version 1.2 (10012001): added notifyschedule variable
version 1.1 (09182001): added turnoff variable
version 1.0 (09162001): created more settings, introduced notification option
version 0.9 beta (09152001): fixed comment bug, created wavfile variable
version 0.9 beta (09142001): created script


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I updated the script to point to the new CNN breaking news url, but I never uploaded it, so here it is.